Friday, August 30, 2013

New devil monsters, and some restyled regulars...

2013 does not seem to be the year where I have a lot of blogging to do. My business is basically working on building up inventory, so duplicates of the same models for upcoming orders from my online stores, shops and any expos/craft fairs that I do. It's rare nowadays that I do anything new. However, I am trying to change up the colour combinations of my monsters to make them different. But today I have 2 new stuffed 'devil' monsters and some regulars I've changed a bit.

Groucho and Marx - Devil monsters ©Curious Little Bird

These guys don't have names, but they'll all be named "Bernard" for now. ;)

Gordon was the first monster, and I decided to play around with different horn colours. Lemon yellow horns and olive green fur is definitely a nice change. 
Same fur but with pointy plum horns. 
Are there any of your favorite monsters that you'd like to see with different colours??? If so, please mention which ones in the comments and I'll make some different combinations. :)

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