Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monsters International

Ah! Life is good, especially for me! So good, in fact, that I want to blog about it. :-) Sunday night I noticed a friend had posted she was attending an art opening called Monsters International at the Galerie Espace. When I saw that, I immediately had to contact the curator as soon as possible to see if I could squeeze myself in! I eventually found an email, and contacted Erica. Monday morning I get an email saying she would love to include me in her show!!! She said "It will be all the more fitting that we will have afternoon activities for children and their parents and I'm sure your monsters will be a hit." Since I'm the only 3D artist, I will be showcasing 7-8 monsters in total.

I'm in the process of just closing up their little furry bodies, and I'm working on a 'display' involving tree branches in a big mason jar full of stones.

Here's the link to the blog where I'm being announced: http://monstersinternational.blogspot.com/2011/10/curious-little-bird-monsters.html

PHOTO #1 This one's closest to what I like....

These last few photos are my 'installation' idea for the art gallery, but I'm starting to think it isn't really the best idea.

Like photo number 1 with the caption, I think it would look best if I took all the monsters with long arms and legs and placed them sitting around the jar, and left all the furry ones to sit in the 'tree.' If I did that, it'd look less jumbled, and cuter.

I hope the curator sees these photos tomorrow morning and gives me some feedback! :)

I'll be taking photos of them in the art gallery tomorrow night! Let's hope they all get sold!
*fingers crossed*

Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm Published In A Magazine!

After 6 months of being in business I got my first published feature in a magazine! The mag is called Go Green Kids & Parents and it's the New York/Florida mag. It's so awesome! All this press for free!

I'm on page 35. Here's the link so you can read the whole magazine if you'd like, http://www.gogreenkp.com/#/new-issue/4556614638 and I'm posting the actual page below!

Congrats to me! :-D

Page 35 of Go Green Kids & Parents Magazine

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monsters are almost done

Here's a batch of monsters I'm making for myself, and for the store Minizabies in Rosemont.

They contacted me last weekend and were interested in selling my monsters in their store, and I was very excited! I've been working hard these past few weeks, making stock for the upcoming craft fairs, as well as stocking Perfide and Tah-Dah! for Christmas.

I created these "Harold" monsters. I call them Harolds because the original was named Harold, and I can't come up with a better name (name suggestions are welcomed). :)

I hope this new store will love my dolls, as well as the customers!

Here's some photos of the plush I made, not stuffed yet.

Let's see if we can get some cute names for these buddies who were hurt, and have been sewn up. :)


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Big Fat Booboo

Hi everyone. I'm sure if you've noticed, there are a lot of big, black boxes in my old blog posts. That's because earlier today I inadvertently deleted my entire blog photo collection, somehow, through Google+, and I can't get it back. The only way to restore everything is to upload each individual photo one by one, and unfortunately I'm not prepared to do so.  At least not at this time anyway.

I'm sincerely sorry my blog will be a boring read if you go to previous posts. But I promise the new ones will be even more awesome! :) No more accidental photo deletion. I don't even know how I managed that, but I suppose Google and Blogger are one entity.

Got to be careful these days!

That's it. Have a great night everyone!

Hooo! Miniature Owl Brooches Are Here!

Hello everyone!

I have created some really awesome, yet miniature brooches for the upcoming craft fair. They're a whopping 4.5 cm wide, and 6 cm tall. That works out to be about 1.7 in x 2.36 in. I don't have much to say about them, except that they're awesome!

Oh yah! I will be listing them on Etsy soon, and will be selling them as a made-to-order sort of deal. The only problem is I'm using fabric scraps, and I usually only have one piece of each which is enough to make 1 brooch, maybe 2 if I'm lucky. So if you're interested, you'll have to contact me personally, but I've provided a photo of a handful of the gorgeous fabrics I do still have available for the brooches!

I will post them soon on Etsy. In the meantime, check out my other great things at http://www.curiouslittlebird.etsy.com. To see my entire plush collection: http://www.facebook.com/curiouslittlebird

One more thing... I got amazing news! There's a store in Montreal called Minizabies. It's in Rosemont, on Beaubien street, and they want to sell my plush!! EEEEEeeee!!! I'm so excited!!

Ok here are the really cool owl photos!

This is half of the fabric scraps I have for the awesome brooches!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Monsters going to Tah-Dah! for the Christmas "salon"

I have a new collection of monsters that I'll be bringing to the store, Tah-Dah! in Montreal, 156, rue Jean-Talon E, Montréal, QC H2R 1S7 (514) 271-1313.

They will be for sale for $40 each, and buying one will help support me, and encourage me to make more!
I will have the same ones for sale at the October craft fair, and the ones with horns will be for sale at the 
2nd fair I'm selling at here in Verdun. 
Here is the information:
St.Willibrord Church
325 Willibrord Ave. -next to Verdun metro station
Oh how I love furry monsters, but it's not the most fun fabric to work with :) I broke 2 sewing machine needles sewing these guys up. Thankfully they're adorable and super cuddly! Enjoy!

My first sale at Perfide!

I'm so excited! I called Perfide to do a follow up, see if she's sold any of my creations, and she did! Pete was the first lucky recipient to go to a good home!

It looks positive with Perfide. I'll be giving her more plush dolls in a few weeks for Christmas. Yay!

On a side note, I have two things to mention. First, I finished ALL the furry monsters I'm going to bring to Tah-Dah!. I'm so glad that's done. What I'm not happy about is I still have 18 fur monsters to stuff and sew, and that doesn't make me happy.

Another side note, I will be selling my plush at a local craft fair in Montreal in 2 weeks!
Old Skool Crafts - Carnaval D'Halloween Artisan Fair October 22nd - 23rd!
 If you're in Montreal, I hope to see you there. We'll be at St-Michael's church at 105 St Viateur, corner of St-Urbain.

I hope you can all come and support me! Maybe even buy a little monster or plush owl to take home and be your new cuddle friend! :)

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Furry Monster Creation Update

It's Wednesday! Remember my coffee table photo with all my monster bodies and legs?? Well I've made progress and keep reading for the update! :)

 I started these furry monsters on September 25th, but thankfully it hasn't taken me almost 2 weeks to work on these. I've spent about 46 hours on these so far. That equals to 5 working days? My usual work day starts somewhere around 12 pm, and ends around 11 pm. :) Not a full 11 hours of course. I do stop for meals!

Anyway, here's an update of what I have 90% finished. They're all assembled, they just need to be stuffed and closed at the bottom. Right now they work well as hand puppets or golf club covers (which had me thinking).

Stay tuned when I get the other furry monsters done. I think they might wait while I work on some cotton plushies like minis for keychains and more little foxes.


Sunday, October 02, 2011

Designer Fabrics for Designer Plush!

I braved the cold and rainy weather outside today for two reasons. One, to get away from my very disrespectful downstairs neighbour who doesn't seem to care if his music is loud. I don't care if it's 2 pm, if I am positive he's home, I don't blast it. I only play the music war when he's being the jerk. Thanks to my friend Heather M., I got some 'new' speakers with a hardcore sub woofer. I crank it when he's being a jerk, and I sing at the top of my lungs. Yeah, I'm being equally a jerk, but whatever! :) HAHA!

The 2nd reason I left today was to go check out this great little fabric store, also a cafe, in Notre dame des graces or NDG, here in Montreal. It's called Emeline and Annabelle. They're on 6050 Monkland Avenue.

Here's the amazing, and gorgeous fabrics I got!