Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Business of Negotiations

Illustration by Shannon May Illustrations

I had my business sales class today, and what we learned was negotiating. I will share with you what I can. :)
 * * * 

Some people are really good at negotiating, others (like me) not so much. But what's important is to negotiate in business. Whether it's to get a better consignment percentage (60%/40%) or to gain something. Of course, we all know that in order to get something we must give something in return.

We learned in class that negotiation helps to establish norms.
The principles of negotiation are: Get gains • Receive & Give (in order to receive, you must give).

There are also guarantees we business owners must have. This is an action we take in case the client feels wronged somehow. You never know. Boy Scouts motto "Always Be Prepared" is a good one to have, right? In other words, a guarantee is a bargaining chip. You know, now that I've typed that out, I'm not sure how that works in our favor. :) In my case, a guarantee would be that if one of my monsters were to rip at the seams, I would be more than happy to repair it for them free of charge. That way my client is still happy with my product, and doesn't feel wronged.

I suppose the most that I've learned is that negotiation is all about being able to respond to a client/customer's objections. Always focus on the benefits your product will bring to that particular client. Will it bring them profits? Or perhaps a new clientele? What about eternal youth (for items that incite desire)? Maybe it'll bring them a pay back. Who knows!

Lastly, before you start negotiations with your client, know your leverage, the 'bottom line' of how low you're willing to go, the objectives you want, as well as your margin of negotiation. It's always good to know these in advance. Let me give you an example of what I'm talking about:

Let's say my leverage is length. In this case, this will refer to the length of time of a client contract, say in a store for items on consignment. My bottom line would be a contract of 6 months, and my objective is to have a contract of at least one year. In this situation I don't really believe I have a profit of margin, because I'm not really talking about money. I'm going to give you a real situation involving selling monsters to a direct customer at a fair, and my leverage here is price. My objective when selling 2 monsters to one customer is to get the full price, which is $88. I had a customer who came to me, loved both monsters she had in her hands but couldn't decide which one she wanted. In this case my bottom line is to sell each monster for $40, which is a total of $80, and for the customer a savings of $8. This is my margin of negotiation, or what I'm willing to 'lose' in order to make the sale. To me, I'm still making money, but the customer feels like they've won the big lotto! 

Now, I know we're not supposed to negotiate price, and I asked this exact question in class. Yes, it is a negotiation in price, but I'm not lowering my price to undervalue myself, but because it's within my limits or "bottom line" it's okay. Now if I were to lower the price to $75, it'd be more than I wanted to lose, and in this case I truly am negotiating my price. As a business owner, you don't want to start doing that. You want to find someone who will pay your price, no questions asked (especially no haggling). If they're haggling you, they're not your customer.

Well I hope you all learned something today. Typing it out helps the information sink in for me. Next week will be 'Invoicing Tools.'

Friday, May 25, 2012

Funky Friday Favorites: Michelle Last

Hello, and happy Friday! This week's favorite artist is Michelle Last. She's an illustrator and a new softie creator!

Hi, I'm Michelle, an illustrator/artist based in the UK. i draw fun pictures and make felt soft toys and  love it! I'm also a vintage clothes addict and I love drinking tea. Please stop by my shop if you like what you see and get yourself a little something! 

Visit her: Portfolio Blog Shop Facebook Twitter


Tell us more about what you make!
Michelle: I'm mostly an illustrator, working on paper, but just recently I've started being more serious about making felt softies (soft toys), and other sewn products. The felt work is very much taken from the illustrations I do! My illustrations are available as prints and greetings cards.

How did your crafty business come about? What made you want to start it?

Michelle: I used to just draw for fun until I realized you could make some money from it, so I tried hard to get people interested in my work. It's still hard, but I'm getting there...! I have such a passion for drawing and making my softies that I really want to make something of it. It feels good when people appreciate your art and work, that's what keeps me going!

What inspires you to create? What supplies do you use?

Michelle: A lot of the time I feel like I don't have any inspiration for my illustrations... then I think of things I like or funny stories I've heard and it just comes from that! My softies and felt products are inspired directly from the animal illustrations I create - mostly chickens! I use a lot of felt for my softies, and try to use traditional media for my illustrations, as I'm not too keen on digital work as I used to be for those.

Aside from crafting, what do you do for fun?

Michelle: I love to take photos and bake, but mostly I think my illustration and my crafting is really a hobby as well as a source of income!

What are your favorite blogs or websites that everyone should check out?
Michelle: I have so many, it's too hard to narrow it down! Here are just two of my absolute favourites: - Sandra Juto is an amazing artist and I love her photos! - An amazing webshop full of stationery and vintage paper goods!

I  have to ask a totally random question, so here goes. If you won millions of dollars tomorrow, what would you do with your little business?

Michelle: I would be able to buy a little shop that would hold my prints, cards, softies and other products for people to buy. I'd have a flat above the shop with a separate huge room as my studio. My dream come true!

• • •     • • •     • • •     • • •

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Michelle! You can find more of her and her plush and illustrations here:  Portfolio Blog Shop Facebook Twitter

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hope & Aspirations Of My Blog

This post about my hopes and aspirations of my blog, and the things I would like to do to help grow my small business.

In this day and age, it's important to have blog, because we're wired to social media. Most of us would go through withdrawal symptoms if we didn't have our daily dose of Facebook or Twitter. :) I blog because the people I target, the ones who actually buy my monsters, live online. They tweet, they post status updates on FB, and they blog. So I need to be active online as well!

Drew of Toothpaste For Dinner,

What I want to do with my blog is have some sort of regular posting happening. I've already established that Fridays I will be talking about my favorite artist, or blogger. But for the rest of the week, I haven't yet gotten some sort of schedule fixed yet. I'm currently taking sales classes on Wednesdays with my government program for entrepreneurs, and I've been asked by my fans on Facebook to share my 'wisdom' with the rest of them. I'm thinking that this could be a weekly post as well. I haven't quite figured out what day to do it on. Perhaps Thursdays?

Another thing I'd like to do is being to sit down and plan my blog at least one month in advance. I'm a very creative, right brained individual, and as I read in someone else's blog post, I don't plan my projects by time blocks, but by the project itself. So the idea of sitting down and actually saying "For 2 hours I will work on monsters, and then take lunch. After lunch I will plan out my blog for 1 hour." I think I tried that last year, and I just couldn't stick to it. When I get into a project (like sewing monsters), I tend to work on that all day. If I feel like I want to work on my blog/website/Etsy page, then I'll do that for several hours, and switch to something else when I'm done. The only time I'm really very left brained is when it comes to science. Then it's like a switch! :)

Lastly, I'd like to start monetizing my blog. I've been supporting other people's blogs by buying button ads. Getting a banner ad on a blog that has a lot of followers and page views can be good for a starting blogger. It drives traffic to wherever you want it to go (by a link on that banner). Monetizing my blog is still something that won't be happening anytime soon. Once I get into regularly blogging about certain topics, and I generate more interest, then this will happen naturally. I've learned long ago that you can't force something to happen. If something is meant to happen it will.

There are a few bloggers out there that have it going for them, and I aspire to be as popular as they are. Maybe you've heard of a few of them: The Dainty Squid. She has a great looking blog, great photos, and she posts frequently as well as regularly and has a great fan base who not only supports her by making lots of comments, but by buying advertising space on her blog (what I aspire my blog to be like). I think the part about this blog that I want to replicate but I struggle with finding time to take all these photos. Perhaps if I knew weeks in advance that I wanted to blog about my <insert words here>, then I could plan that I'd be taking photos the week before. :) Another blogger that inspires me is Alisa Burke. She's a new mom, and an artist who seems to be constantly in a state of creation. Her blogs are always great to read, she's got great photos, and posts regularly as well. Not only that, but she does online art classes!

Here's your chance to be heard! 


I would love to hear about what subjects/topics you'd like me to talk about? Would it be more personal things like a weekly post of "10 things that make me happy", or something else that would help you learn more about me? Or maybe there's a crafty business topic you'd like me to talk about?  Please comment any subject you would like me to talk about below!

Have a great Victoria Day! :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Funky Friday Favorites - Amanda Louise Spayd

Hello all, and happy Friday.

From now on, my Friday posts will be about a favorite artist I like, or a blogger I admire. I will do either a little feature, or an interview. This will be good, something for you all to look forward to! :) So let's get started!

Today I'd like to feature an artist I discovered last year. I mentioned her briefly in a previous post. Her name is Amanda Louise Spayd.

Amanda and one of her creations

Amanda Louise started, well honestly I've looked online and I don't know when she started making her dolls. 

I find her work truly fantastic, and slightly creepy. I think the creepiness of her work is what draws me to it every time. The eyes. The eyes of her dolls are what do it the most. I've obsessed for a month trying to figure out how she does that. Her process suggests she paints them, but I know that's not what she does. I know because as an artist, it's impossible to make an iris look real by painting it on the surface of a sphere.

Resin face after being cast. See how the eyes are solid??

Face after being painted. The eyes are soooooo real looking. How did she do that????  (it's not the same face of course)

See what I mean?? I've asked her on her Flickr account, but of course any decent artist will not give up their secret! :)

I have read on her blog that she does all of her work on a human powered sewing machine.

Amanda's 1926 hand powered sewing machine.

One of her fans asked her a question on blog..

Q: Is the old 1926 sewing machine the only one you own/use, or do you also have a more modern one? And do you have a preference of old sewing machines vs modern sewing machines, or even hand sewing (do you hand sew)? Or does it just depend on the particular doll?

A: The antique one is all I use, unless I’m doing a small bit of hand sewing. I used to sew dolls entirely by hand, but I wasn’t stuffing them as hard, so the seams didn’t need to interlock like machine-made stitches do. Mostly I use the machine to do the “big parts”, like make the ears and the bodies, and the rest I sew by hand, like attaching ears and arms, or bows, ruffles, etc. I really like sewing by hand, it’s very meditative. I’ve used modern machines, and I know I could do everything faster on them, but…I don’t know. They just don’t feel “right” to me..and they’re so fast and loud! My old Vesta machine is quiet, makes a great stitch, and has killer control. Besides, it’s a good workout for my right arm, ha ha

Here are a few of my favorite dolls she's done.

My favorite creepy bunny doll. I love the opaque, white eyes.

Another one of my faves. I guess it's the purple. I love the sweater!

I've also found out that she will stain her brand new fabrics to make them look dirty, although they are quite clean. It's part of her 'look.' It's been almost a year since I read that somewhere on her website, and I can't seem to find it, but there you go. :)

The last thing I want to share with you is her new film, The Maker. It's been touring around the US, and I just read that it's coming to Toronto very soon. Here's the link to the film festival, and below is the trailer for the film. It's featuring one of her creations. Totally awesome.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Have a happy Friday!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Giveaway Goodies For May!

It's giveaway time!!!

Yup, you've read right, it's May and it's time for yet another giveaway! This time I've added 2 new items to the list of things you could win.

All of the items are one of a kind creations by me, Curious Little Bird. They're all little monsters or animals looking for a nice home, to be treasured and loved!

All you have to do to win a goodie of your choice is follow our blog and answer this question:

What's your favorite thing about spring?

Note: The winner of the giveaway will have to pay for the shipping of their item to their country, which is the only stipulation for this giveaway. :) For US residents it's $9.50, International (outside of North America) it's $12.50, and for those living in Canada it depends on which province you are in. This will be determined at the end. :)

Hipster Bunny!

Mustache and Mohawk Bunny!

Frannie the owl

Hedwig the owl

Jess the owl

Bort the one eyed monster
 Bort is awesome! He's made out of soft fleece, and his back is black fur. He also has a tiny tail!

Gregg the pillow monster

Fancy a chance to get your mitts on your favorite item?  All you need to do is leave a comment below with your answer: 

What is your favorite thing about spring? 

*And make sure you follow our blog*  

(either by RSS feed, or posts delivered to your email - this part is important because you will find out who wins!)

Please ensure you have answered the question and followed our blog to make sure your entry is included in the big draw. Also, if you have a blank name or anonymous account, please ensure your name is clearly posted in with your comment so that I can name you if you win in June! The winner will be selected from the most interesting and inventive answers and will be notified by Curious Little Bird at the beginning of June :) How exciting! 

Good luck everyone...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Being Hard On Yourself - It's Not Worth It

Photo by Mel Stringer

We all know the saying "Don't be hard on yourself." Well it's true. With so much going on, I have to remind myself not to be so hard on myself.

If you're just catching up to my blog, I work for myself at home. I'm my own boss. There are days (most days) where I never get everything I wanted to do done. I always have plans to do 5 or 6 furry monsters, and some days those monsters end up spilling over into the following day. It didn't bother me in the past, and I'd just continue on with my work the next day, but this month its been bothering me. Here's why.

On May 1st I had solicited 15 stores to carry my monsters. I received 5 new stores that said yes, and I had 2 in the making (already agreed). I made a promise to all these stores that they will be receiving their shipment of monsters by the end of May. We're already in the 3rd week of the month with 2 more to go, and I haven't really gotten very far in my monster making. The point I'm trying to make is that every day I stress myself out for no reason. What I should be doing is making a list of what needs to be done in the day, and doing the best I can to get the work done. If in that day I don't succeed in finishing my work, I have to let it go and just continue tomorrow. This is something that I struggle with every day. Accepting that I am doing my best, and to not be so hard on myself.

Source unknown

The words in the above poster are words I have to tell myself every day. This doesn't mean that I only work half as hard, but that I keep doing the amount of work that I plan, and if I don't get it finished that day, it's okay!

Speaking on this.... I have a friend, Barbara (who owns Rocky B Creations and is in the same program as I am, also developing her business). Her and I are very similar. We are the same as in we make ourselves feel guilty if we don't get all the work we want done that day. On several occasions she's said to me to just do what I can, but last week the words she told me sort of hit home this time. She said, "Everyone needs to work at their own rhythm." I know people expect me to work 9 - 5 like them, to get up at 6 am to 'get ready for work', but to be honest when I think back to all the days I worked for someone, I was never really very effective in the morning. I would always go to work, drink my coffee, read my emails and just putz around on the internet. I'd put off my real work until much later in the morning. I'd pretend to be working, just so I could relax in the morning. My main goal was to wake up so I could feel productive. Since I've been working at home, I've been feeling the same way! I wake up around 8 or 9 am, and I drink my coffee and read my emails in the morning until I feel like I'm awake enough to get to work. I have to remind myself that there is nothing wrong with this! If this is what it takes for me to be productive, I should accept it. I can't change how I work. I've been like this for years! I am slowly accepting who I am, and how I work. I realized long ago that my work days start at 11 am, and end around 11 pm. Some days I get into a groove, and my work day will go until late in the night. That's okay! I do what I need to do to get my work done.

The moral of this blog post is.... Don't be hard on yourself. We all work at our own rhythms, and it doesn't serve a purpose to put yourself down, or make yourself feel guilty because you didn't get it all done that day.
Do your best, and let whatever you do today be enough.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Even Entrepreneurs Have Birthdays!

Yup, it is so very much my birthday! Well, according to my mother, I haven't quite been born yet, but that's just a technicality. Haha What I mean is that the time I was born was after I wrote this blog post. :)

I love ickle and Lardee, and this seemed appropriate for my birthday post! :D

Today I turn 35, and so much has been happening! We all know about my business and that stuff, so I won't bore you with the details, but did you know that I'm a rare case? You're probably wondering, "What's she talking about!?"

I'm talking about the big M. <whispering....> Menopause! Yup. I'm almost 100% certain I've reached that point in my life already. I know, I know, you're probably already saying (out loud I imagine) that I'm not, that I still have another 16 years to go, but let me tell you this. My mom, her sisters all got in in their mid-30s, so it's not impossible for me. We all know if something runs in the family, it's going to happen to you too. Things have been happening over the past year, things that have been odd, even to me. Lots of symptoms have cropped up. I could go into further details, but I'm afraid people might get bored! Hahaha :-D Let's just say that aunt flo hasn't visited me since March, and I've been moodier, more irritable, depression is a constant visitor, I've been sleeping waaaaay less, and the most obvious one is the heat flashes I get. For all you smarty pants, no, I'm not pregnant!! LOL  I haven't been with a guy in that manner for 3 years. So there you have it. It's time for me to make a visit to the real doc. The internet doctor has already confirmed my suspicions, let's see what a real one says. :)  Oh, and don't worry, I never wanted children so it's not the end of the world. :D

I suppose it would be beneficial to go on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) meds, to balance out my moods and stuff. These days it takes a lot more energy to be happy. This roller coaster of emotions isn't fun, especially when I don't realize it and it starts to affect how I act around my friends.

So today (once I'm done sewing up all my monsters, vacuuming, washing the floors, dishes, cleaning up kitchen, making a snack for the party) I'm going to party it up like I'm 25! Or at least I'm going to try! Ever since I hit my 30s, partying has become a lot harder. I no longer have the energy to stay up until 3 am, I prefer a quiet night on the couch with a hot cup of herbal tea and a book, or a great movie. I even have a hard time sleeping in! Haha That could just be the stress of dealing with making tons of monsters for many stores.

Now you know a little bit more about me. :) So happy 35th birthday to me! 

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Business Behind Working With Businesses

Zone Orange - Gallerie & Boutique in Old Montreal

Today's post, The Business Behind Working With Businesses is to help entrepreneurs like yourself get ahead in the game.

Here's a scenario. You work for yourself (maybe part time, or full time), and you sell on Etsy another website, but you're just not getting enough sales. You're pressured by the government (ok, it's not your situation, but it's mine!) to prove your business's viability, and in order to do so, you need to augment sales. The majority of promotion is done on Facebook, Twitter and the odd blog post you do. In my case, my target market age range is women from 25-45, and they all hang out on social media websites (as far as I know). But no matter how much marketing and business promotion you do, the sales just aren't there. What are you going to do?

In case you weren't paying attention, this above scenario (however badly I've disguised it) is my scenario. Except remove part time and replace that with crazy full time hours! I sell on Etsy, I have my own personal website on Big Cartel, and I spend money on banners, buttons on blogs, and ads on Facebook, as well as promotion of my products. I do have the government on my ass about proving my business's viability, and that right now is my number one source of anxiety and stress.

So one day (after I started my sales courses with my entrepreneurship program), I sat down with my sales coach, and we talked about my business. He asked me all sorts of questions, and one hit home. Why didn't I solicit stores from January to April?? Good question! I remember having a bout of depression, when I had to raise my prices 45% to reflect the time I put into making my monsters. That alone made sales drop like flies in hot weather. I suppose the other factor was that no one was buying right after Christmas. I had my ups and downs during the last four months. There were a lot of doubts about my business, and I had to stop comparing myself with those who do crafts for fun, or part time while working full time. I am really not in the same league as them. For an hour we talked, and in the end I had only two choices. Either I work hard and solicit as many stores as I could, or I kept doing the same old thing, and I'd get kicked out of the program in July. All financial assistance to pay my rent and bills would stop, and the real stress would start as I'd be forced to find a job. Being an artistic person who doesn't like to be told what to do, I did not want to end up there, so I hustled my ass, promised my coach I'd call 25 stores in 2 weeks, and I left.

A week went by and I didn't do anything. It was always there in the back of my mind. I was working hard to make monsters for an upcoming 4 day event. Then on Tuesday, May 1st (my only day off in over a week), I realized I was running out of time. I sat down in the morning and wrote down 21 stores, some I'd emailed a month ago, some never got an email. But they were all cold calls. I started with the ones in Ontario because I was nervous, and I thought it'd be easier for me to speak English to start. I got 3/4 of the way through my list before I hit an almost immediate YES! Zone Orange! My first encounter with the handmade. I didn't know 3 years ago this was all handmade, but I do now. Back to the story... I made a total of 15 phone calls. I already had one yes, and when I checked my email, I got another yes! By now I started floating on a cloud!! During the following 48 hours, I got 3 more stores that wanted to work with me! I didn't finish my list because I thought I'd like to enjoy the last of my day off. :-D

Now you're wondering what I said or did to convince them? Well, first and foremost, I made sure my product was awesome (which it is), and that I can reproduce the same creation over an over (because stores like to re-order what sells well). I also had a little spiel worked out. I started with mentioning the email I sent to them and wondering if they'd read it, and if I had written them, then I told them I was a supplier of monsters looking for new stores to place my products. Most of them asked me to email them my website, which I did. Excellent photos on a website works wonders.

So the moral of the story is, if you're in or wanting to be in business for yourself, you have to get your product out there in shops. Think hard about being able to make reproductions of your product, reducing the time to make it so you can make a series (5 minimum) in one day. I know a lot of people like the fact that their creations are one of a kind, but what if the store wants the same doll/plush again? What then?  The reason I mention this is because when I first started, I was making one of a kind monsters. My business coach said to me, "What if someone orders 30, can you make 30 of the same thing??" This is something you really need to remember. Remember in a previous post how I talked about Amanda Spayd? She does a lot of one of a kind dolls, but has done series of 80 of one kind to sell online. She doesn't limit herself to 1 doll, and 1 doll only, and neither to you. Now back to my moral of the story! :) Lastly... Don't be afraid to call stores. A lot of the owners are really nice, and are always looking for new suppliers (especially those who deal with all handmade). Besides, you have nothing to lose! If they say no, you move on to the next store.

I think that's all the wisdom I can impart on you today. Good luck!!

Saturday, May 05, 2012

International Monster's Day

Today is Saturday, and on the 5th of May we celebrate monster's day! Let's celebrate by checking out all the awesome monsters I found today!

Rainbow Pocket monster by Htavos Kooky Monster Art Shop (Etsy)

It's not the same without a Curious Little Bird monster thrown in there.

This little monster thought he'd celebrate by doing a little graffiti! Lucius the Graffiti monster by Boom! Plush!

Terloo by Stufd on Etsy doesn't think you should have eaten that 2nd doughnut this morning. He's disappointed.

Not all monsters are celebrating International Monster day. Apparently Terloo (right above) is all about criticizing people, and what they're eating! haha

Jasper here, from DKoss2 on Etsy is happy you decided to take that walk to work off that doughnut.

Lastly, Monty (below), thinks you should always read the written word. Now here's a monster after my own heart! He's just the sweetest, isn't he?

Monty the Yeti monster by Penny Pistachio on Etsy

Don't forget to celebrate today with the rest of the monsters! It may be cinco de Mayo in Mexico, but here it's International Monster's Day!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Canadian Plush Makers: Rousskine

Here's her photo where she won first prize Presence of the Fondation du Cégep du Vieux Montreal
I came upon Dominique's blog when she found mine! She makes the cutest handmade knitted dolls! They're like little people and animals. I love the patterns inter-weaved in the solids, like fancy Canadian wooly sweaters you love to look at, but hate to wear (cause they're so prickly).

I first saw her at the coveted Salon des métiers d'arts here in Montreal in December. It's a HUGE event full of artisans who make their own product, and display them for a month in this expo. It's stupidly expensive (can be as expensive as $9000 for a booth) and you have to supply it all... lights, supports, walls, shelves, everything! It's an event which requires helpers and a truck (or car).

Anyway, she hand knits everything. I love her different looks, the little details, and the quality of her work. She studied textile arts at the Cégep du Vieux Montréal.

Here's a picture of the before, where she has her knitted object all laid out, eyes are being sewn on, and it's ready to be assembled:

I didn't know they were knitted in the flat and then sewn together! It totally makes for an easier project.

I asked Dominique a few questions about her process...

Q: Do you knit your dolls with needles, or a machine? I know you say it's hand knit, but is it really!? And if so, then WOW!

A: It's machine knitted! Oh my, I would never have the patience to knit all that with needles. I say by hand because it's a domestic machine, hand operated, it doesn't knit all by itself.

Q: how long does one doll take you to do from start of knitting, to the end with the stuffing and closing?

A: Hmm how long it takes is a very good question. The problem is, i never make one at a time, i make them in series, and well rarely time myself. Technically it takes 15 minutes to knit a small doll. And then i would say it takes 20 to 30 minutes to do the rest, but that's just a approximation.

Here's a peek at a few of her finished creations:

The owl, and the little one. The mama is wearing shoes!

Orange and blue, and just one eye, cause the hair's sweeping over. I think this one's a girl. :) She has a flower in her hair.

No post is complete without a kitty, and now you could own your very own Rousskine knitted cat.

This is a really cute bear, who's also wearing shoes. The best part is the belly band with the great pattern!

Visit her:  Blog  Facebook  Etsy

Well I wish this girl loads of luck in starting her business. Although I don't think she'll have too many problems! :) I did a little Google search of her, and found some stuff about her. Her school's done a good job getting her noticed in Montreal. :) Plus, her stuff is super original and cuddly!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Random Tibit #3

So as you've probably read in my previous post, I now own an iPad! There's been a video circulating around the web showing Apple's Chinese plant, and the young people who want to work there, but work loooong hours. I know that this product is overpriced, but I'm an Apple product lover. I've had macs and iPods since 2003, and they're really reliable, dependable, sturdy pieces of equipment.

Back before I knew about Apple, I used to own a window based PC, but man, did I hate it! It crashed all the time, and got viruses so often. Haha this isn't even a post about computers, I got totally off track!

This post is about my new iPad. I really love it. :) I realize it's a larger, glorified version of my iPod, but it's way better! I *heart* all the great sketching apps, and how I can take a shitty photo and turn it into something a little artsy...

Here's a photo of yours truly! It wasn't one of my best looking mornings, but with the app Pixlromatic, I can add all sorts of filters. I added the rounded corners, the scratchy bit, and I think that's it. Now my blah morning look actually looks good! I even look like I have blue eyes right now. They're normally green, but only once have I ever seen them blue. I have what you call "Hazel" eyes. It means my eyes change colour. Hazel is a colour, yes, but with eyes, it means changing of colour. For example: Someone who has green eyes with brown centers could be considered hazel. Green when pupils are small, brown when the pupils are dilated.

I also took a photo of one of my kitties, Squeak. He was doing his customary "sitting" pose...

Well that's all I want to share with you! I hope you're having a great Tuesday!