Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Random Tibit #3

So as you've probably read in my previous post, I now own an iPad! There's been a video circulating around the web showing Apple's Chinese plant, and the young people who want to work there, but work loooong hours. I know that this product is overpriced, but I'm an Apple product lover. I've had macs and iPods since 2003, and they're really reliable, dependable, sturdy pieces of equipment.

Back before I knew about Apple, I used to own a window based PC, but man, did I hate it! It crashed all the time, and got viruses so often. Haha this isn't even a post about computers, I got totally off track!

This post is about my new iPad. I really love it. :) I realize it's a larger, glorified version of my iPod, but it's way better! I *heart* all the great sketching apps, and how I can take a shitty photo and turn it into something a little artsy...

Here's a photo of yours truly! It wasn't one of my best looking mornings, but with the app Pixlromatic, I can add all sorts of filters. I added the rounded corners, the scratchy bit, and I think that's it. Now my blah morning look actually looks good! I even look like I have blue eyes right now. They're normally green, but only once have I ever seen them blue. I have what you call "Hazel" eyes. It means my eyes change colour. Hazel is a colour, yes, but with eyes, it means changing of colour. For example: Someone who has green eyes with brown centers could be considered hazel. Green when pupils are small, brown when the pupils are dilated.

I also took a photo of one of my kitties, Squeak. He was doing his customary "sitting" pose...

Well that's all I want to share with you! I hope you're having a great Tuesday!

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