Saturday, August 30, 2014

Medusas and Labrets: How to fake these piercings.

Hello! I'm so sorry I haven't blogged in a long while. I've been doing some thinking about the business, and right now it's on standby. In the meantime, I'll be blogging about other things in my life.

Today I want to share with you how I fake a philtrum (medusa) and labret piercing. This also works as fake microdermal piercings, too!

As you can see in the photo above, the only facial piercing I have is my septum which I really like. I really, really love the medusa piercing on everyone, and would love to get it myself, but because it's the kind of piercing that can cause gum receding and teeth damage, I haven't gotten it. The vertical medusa, or known also as the jestrum, is another possibility, except that quite a few years ago I had a vertical labret done on my lower lip, and after a month I had to remove it because my lip would swell up just from the jewelry. I have super sensitive lips. I thought that perhaps my upper lip might behave similarly, so the vertical medusa is out of the question. Not to mention having a ball on one's lips is really weird. Really. Funny thing, if my lip gets itchy and I scratch it with my teeth, my lip will swell. That's how sensitive they are. :)

So I was doing some research, and found that some people had posted videos of faking medusas on YouTube. They didn't say much except how to do it. So I ran out to the dollar store and bought some 3mm and 5mm cubic zirconia jewels, and some eyelash glue from the pharmacy.

I found out quickly that the 5mm jewels are a bit big to use on my face, so I may be using them elsewhere as microdermal 'piercings.'

This is how I stuck the jewels to my face. First I took a q-tip and dipped it in some rubbing alcohol. I washed the area I wanted the jewel to sit above my lip with soap and water. I then grabbed the jewel with some tweezers and cleaned the back of it with alcohol to remove any oil. Let this dry. While still holding the jewel firmly in the tweezers (back side up), take your (already opened) lash glue and put a small amount on the jewel. I discovered that if I put a small amount of glue on my face where I want the jewel to sit, it will stick better. Count to 30 seconds, and then put the jewel in place. Press firmly, and you're done!! Now all you have to do is not touch it.  The first 3 times I tried this, I only put glue on the jewel, and had only swabbed my face. The jewel stayed on, but when I nicked it, it fell off. :( I think cleaning the jewel with alcohol is more effective as it washes off any oils your hands might leave behind; oils that prevent glue from working. 

Here's a few photos of me experimenting with the jewels:

 This photo above is what a medusa piercing looks like. Isn't it pretty?

This one shows a medusa and a labret. 

Here I had the 5mm jewel where the smaller one is, but thought it was a tad too big compared to my septum, so I made it into a Bindi "microdermal piercing." Totally cute, right?

And this is a photo of the most common facial piercings. The jewels would work for anti-eyebrows, monroes, and possibly eyebrow piercings. :)

Finally, I believe that if you take good care of your face, the jewels should be able to stay on all day. Don't touch them, or shower, or get too sweaty or they could pop off. But do clean the area and jewel with rubbing alcohol, let dry, and put a light cover of glue on both face AND jewel (and don't forget to count to 30), to ensure maximum sticking!

Have fun with it!! I'd love to hear your comments, or see photos of your fake piercings. :)

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Stuffed magazine feature!

If you haven't heard of STUFFED, it's a magazine that features only stuffed toys. One can send in their toys twice a year and try to get published. Since there are literally hundreds (maybe even thousands) of plush makers out there, it's super hard to get in. I got contacted by the editor, so I was already sort of in. I had to send my stuff in anyway, but the editor was vouching for me, so I got in!

Here's the feature:

Don't forget to run out and get your copy of STUFFED! They're in magazine stores now!