Monday, May 21, 2012

Hope & Aspirations Of My Blog

This post about my hopes and aspirations of my blog, and the things I would like to do to help grow my small business.

In this day and age, it's important to have blog, because we're wired to social media. Most of us would go through withdrawal symptoms if we didn't have our daily dose of Facebook or Twitter. :) I blog because the people I target, the ones who actually buy my monsters, live online. They tweet, they post status updates on FB, and they blog. So I need to be active online as well!

Drew of Toothpaste For Dinner,

What I want to do with my blog is have some sort of regular posting happening. I've already established that Fridays I will be talking about my favorite artist, or blogger. But for the rest of the week, I haven't yet gotten some sort of schedule fixed yet. I'm currently taking sales classes on Wednesdays with my government program for entrepreneurs, and I've been asked by my fans on Facebook to share my 'wisdom' with the rest of them. I'm thinking that this could be a weekly post as well. I haven't quite figured out what day to do it on. Perhaps Thursdays?

Another thing I'd like to do is being to sit down and plan my blog at least one month in advance. I'm a very creative, right brained individual, and as I read in someone else's blog post, I don't plan my projects by time blocks, but by the project itself. So the idea of sitting down and actually saying "For 2 hours I will work on monsters, and then take lunch. After lunch I will plan out my blog for 1 hour." I think I tried that last year, and I just couldn't stick to it. When I get into a project (like sewing monsters), I tend to work on that all day. If I feel like I want to work on my blog/website/Etsy page, then I'll do that for several hours, and switch to something else when I'm done. The only time I'm really very left brained is when it comes to science. Then it's like a switch! :)

Lastly, I'd like to start monetizing my blog. I've been supporting other people's blogs by buying button ads. Getting a banner ad on a blog that has a lot of followers and page views can be good for a starting blogger. It drives traffic to wherever you want it to go (by a link on that banner). Monetizing my blog is still something that won't be happening anytime soon. Once I get into regularly blogging about certain topics, and I generate more interest, then this will happen naturally. I've learned long ago that you can't force something to happen. If something is meant to happen it will.

There are a few bloggers out there that have it going for them, and I aspire to be as popular as they are. Maybe you've heard of a few of them: The Dainty Squid. She has a great looking blog, great photos, and she posts frequently as well as regularly and has a great fan base who not only supports her by making lots of comments, but by buying advertising space on her blog (what I aspire my blog to be like). I think the part about this blog that I want to replicate but I struggle with finding time to take all these photos. Perhaps if I knew weeks in advance that I wanted to blog about my <insert words here>, then I could plan that I'd be taking photos the week before. :) Another blogger that inspires me is Alisa Burke. She's a new mom, and an artist who seems to be constantly in a state of creation. Her blogs are always great to read, she's got great photos, and posts regularly as well. Not only that, but she does online art classes!

Here's your chance to be heard! 


I would love to hear about what subjects/topics you'd like me to talk about? Would it be more personal things like a weekly post of "10 things that make me happy", or something else that would help you learn more about me? Or maybe there's a crafty business topic you'd like me to talk about?  Please comment any subject you would like me to talk about below!

Have a great Victoria Day! :)


  1. It is silly that I know the graphics's creator? Well not like personally or anything but that is by Drew of Toothpaste For Dinner,!