Saturday, May 05, 2012

International Monster's Day

Today is Saturday, and on the 5th of May we celebrate monster's day! Let's celebrate by checking out all the awesome monsters I found today!

Rainbow Pocket monster by Htavos Kooky Monster Art Shop (Etsy)

It's not the same without a Curious Little Bird monster thrown in there.

This little monster thought he'd celebrate by doing a little graffiti! Lucius the Graffiti monster by Boom! Plush!

Terloo by Stufd on Etsy doesn't think you should have eaten that 2nd doughnut this morning. He's disappointed.

Not all monsters are celebrating International Monster day. Apparently Terloo (right above) is all about criticizing people, and what they're eating! haha

Jasper here, from DKoss2 on Etsy is happy you decided to take that walk to work off that doughnut.

Lastly, Monty (below), thinks you should always read the written word. Now here's a monster after my own heart! He's just the sweetest, isn't he?

Monty the Yeti monster by Penny Pistachio on Etsy

Don't forget to celebrate today with the rest of the monsters! It may be cinco de Mayo in Mexico, but here it's International Monster's Day!

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