Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Furry Monster Creation Update

It's Wednesday! Remember my coffee table photo with all my monster bodies and legs?? Well I've made progress and keep reading for the update! :)

 I started these furry monsters on September 25th, but thankfully it hasn't taken me almost 2 weeks to work on these. I've spent about 46 hours on these so far. That equals to 5 working days? My usual work day starts somewhere around 12 pm, and ends around 11 pm. :) Not a full 11 hours of course. I do stop for meals!

Anyway, here's an update of what I have 90% finished. They're all assembled, they just need to be stuffed and closed at the bottom. Right now they work well as hand puppets or golf club covers (which had me thinking).

Stay tuned when I get the other furry monsters done. I think they might wait while I work on some cotton plushies like minis for keychains and more little foxes.


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