Thursday, February 17, 2011

New hairdo!

So it seems when you tell people you're not able to pay for things, and you desperately need things done, these things happen! It so happened that yesterday I was chatting with a girl at the yoga studio I attend about really needing a haircut, and she introduced me to this guy, Eric, who works in a salon. He was talking about haircuts not being expensive, and I said I didn't have a cent to my name, but that I really needed a cut. Anywho... so today go in and get my haircut. Now I wanted it like Aeon Flux, but as short as the way Charlize Theron had it. Here's a photo of the cut I wanted:

I'm not disappointed by what I got, but it's definitely different cause it's longer than hers, and mine's more of a bob and hers is less.....
So there you go. I think for free, it's pretty darn good. :) A little funky!

So after a few days of playing around with my hair, I realized that perhaps the hairdresser misunderstood when I said "uneven," cause on the left side the longer bits are in front of my ear, and on the right side, the longer bits on behind my ear. I didn't think it looked as good long, so I chopped off an inch or two, and angled it a bit to sort of blend with the front bangs. Personally, I think this looks a lot better:

So there you go. I can't cut anymore, or else it'll just be a bob. I think the cut wasn't anywhere close to what I wanted, but I can't complain as it was free after all. :)



  1. Ok i just saw this post. I swear, i've never seen it before. But I must confess, I did approximatively the same haircut yesterday ! It is absolutely awesome ! you should do it again !

  2. I got this haircut for free, and I didn't like the way the guy cut it. TO be honest, I'm not sure I'd do this again. ;) This was the second attempt at this haircut, and for the second time, it's not be so successful. OH well. I hope it suits you!! :)