Monday, May 23, 2011

New Service Available on Etsy!

The elephant who was stuck in the tree

Hello! Today I've added a new service to my Etsy shop! I am offering my services as an illustrator, and I want to help adults capture their favorite childhood stories on canvas with paint! All they need to do is send me a clear, large colour photograph or scan of their favorite page(s) of their favorite story, and I will recreate that page on canvas using acrylic paint. The illustrations I've included in today's post shows the quality of work that I can do. The paintings are for a great price. For 8" x 10" paintings on 0.75" deep stretched canvas, they can get one for $175. Each painting will be done exactly like the page in the book. This is an excellent gift idea for mom, dad, your kids, your nephews, nieces,  birthdays, or even baby showers! Never know!

For more details, please visit my Etsy shop, Curious Little Bird at for more information, or to contact me for a commission. I look forward to hearing from you! Above and below are examples of the paintings.

Dumb luck

The elves and the shoemaker

The princess and the frog

Flash as a rat

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