Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Curious Little Bird has gone retail!

What a wonderful Wednesday this has become. Two things have happened. First of all, I got my very first little monster buddy in the mail today! Her name is Pippa, and she's so cute and tiny!!


 I spent a good five minutes examining her to see how she was closed up (spying on my competition!) Hahaha no .... but seriously I couldn't find her closing seam. I know she has one, but I wasn't sure where, but my best guess is her head. :)  Why? It's pretty lumpy feeling which would make sense.

But that's not why I'm writing today's blog!

Today was the day I brought my stuffed monsters to the store! Perfide!! The owner, Julia, chose 7 of the 11 that I brought to her, and I'm really hoping they fly off the shelves. <fingers crossed>  Here's some photos of my softies installed in the store!! Eeeeee!!  If they sell well, then Julia will be asking for a restock. I'll make more of these guys I suppose. Except maybe not Pete (the white and blue one). ;) And Bort... I can't make him again.

I made each of my little plush it's own card with their name and their story inside. On the front it has my logo and company name, and on the back it says "Made with care and love in Montreal, Quebec, Canada" I want everyone to know that their plush has a little story. ;)

See the softies in the back?? That's my competition. That's why Harold is so worried!! Don't worry Harold! You'll get adopted!

Bort's all cozy in his corner. :)


  1. Hooray! They fit into their shop environment very well, i bet you'll soon be asked to make more!
    I love the idea of the cards with their little stories on too, makes them all that little bit more unique! :)

  2. Thanks! I agree! I'm so lucky to have found a store that is willing to sell my plush. The other two stores I approached with photos never got back to me. Oh well, their loss!