Monday, August 08, 2011

A Few Sketches

Happy Monday everyone! Today is going to be a little bit tougher, since I've maybe had 5-6 hours sleep. It's only 11:30 am and I can feel my focus slowly waning... I had my morning coffee, and now I'm drinking something a little stronger, a nice hot cup of lemon tea (not herbal). :)

I have a few sketches to show off today...

In case you're wondering, the drawing on the left is inspired by Constantin Brancusi, a Romanian Sculptor.
Sculpture by Constantin Brancusi

You see?? I love drawing elephants!! I think they have great curves, their trunks can be stylized so many ways, and their ears can be drawn so many ways as well as their eyes. In fact, why draw a realistic elephant when a stylized, illustrated one is so much more fun??

This here is a drawing I did from a list of words to give me inspiration. I wrote a whole page of words from past Illustration Friday words, so in case I ever get stuck I can look at this list, pick a word and draw what comes to mind. Germs... This is what I saw when I heard the word. :) First I started with bacterium with flagella (the ones with the little lines all around it), then moving on to spiky viruses and X germs which I doubt exist. This was a fun page to draw. :)


  1. aha, i think my logo (a microbe) belongs there somewhere ;)

  2. I, personally, really like the bacterium with the flagella as a microbe logo. :)