Friday, August 26, 2011

Giveaway Results Take 2!

Alrighty! So I ended the giveaway early (I should have done this in the first place ... Not made it soooo long a deadline), and the person who won didn't get back to me for the last 7 days, so I'm doing a redraw!

The winner is.... <drumroll...>..... #5 Made By My Rabbit in Leicester, UK!!

Congratulations!! Of the 5 images below, please choose which monster (or bear) you would like and I'll be sending it to you within 48 hours (okay well by Monday, August 29th at the latest).

Thanks to everyone again for participating!

I don't know how others do their giveaways, but I'm doing my with free shipping, so you're really getting a good deal. :)

To receive your awesome monster, please email me at with your full name, mailing address (and email in case something happens and I need to contact you).


  1. I wish it could be me :) they are so cute :) in monster meaning ;)

  2. Hurrah for me!! and for monsters!!!