Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

It's the day after labor day, and I'm wearing a white t-shirt!! I don't care about the whole "don't wear white after labor day rule" !!! :) Does anyone know what this signifies?? In Canada and the US it signifies the end of summer, and supposedly white doesn't retain heat as well as darker colours. Go figure.

I went to my cousin's wedding on the weekend in St-Georges, Québec, about 1 hour south of Québec city. I live in Montreal where all the little stars are grouped on the bottom right.

The wedding was alright, if a bit dull. Unfortunately it was an entire church service with a 5 minute bit that had to do with the couple getting married. Not really a wedding in my eyes. I noticed a girl showed up in a backless lacy black dress halfway up her thighs, wearing huge gold earrings and a gold chained 'belt' with velvety black anklet boots. Not much class there. Even her hair made her look like a hooker!

I have a few new little monsters I'm working on!! Here's a little sneak peek of them all cut up, and ready to be put together. I am making them out of faux fur blankets (pink) and a coat (olive green) that I found at Value Village (a used clothing shop). They have the same face as my first white furry yeti, Maurice, but a smaller, different body. I think they'll look fantastic!! :) I have a light purple fur like the pink one, a deep purple with a shorter pile, and some fantastic brown fur that's sooooo soft!! Stay tuned!!

These guys are going to need names?? Any suggestions?

I love to get comments, so if you have any name suggestions for these two guys, let me know!

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  1. I always wondered about Labour Day, as I've never fully known when it was or what it celebrated, so never understood the 'white after Labour Day' comments in movies.

    Haha - There is always someone who sticks out at a wedding!

    I think the monsters will be brilliant no matter what they get named. I like 'Floof' for the pink one but can't think of anything for the grey one that doesn't refer to the horns and sounds mildly rude! ;-)