Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Monster Pillows And A New Fall Banner!

It's Tuesday evening, November 15th, and I'm sorry I haven't blogged often lately.

First things first, don't you love my brand new banner? I saw on Veer they had this free fall branch illustrator file, and I just knew I had to use it to spice up my blog and my Etsy shop! Best thing is the file even came with the clouds, and I think it is just the prettiest, and gives my header the zing it needed. It was good the old way, but the new way rocks! I wonder what I can find for when it snows?

Ok I know I was bragging a bit about my banner, but I really do LOVE IT!! It's so pretty!

So, I've been uber busy making plush for every single craft fair I'm doing this fall. Let's say that 4 is a lot, and then I got into a 5th unexpectedly, so yeah, lots to do. ;) I haven't even had much time to set up my photo area to take pictures of my new plush in the past few weeks, but this week I don't feel in a great rush since the craft fair I last attended wasn't a great one. Two sales. That's it. The majority of the folks coming through were between 50-80, not my ideal target market, and the church basement was set up in two half circles and a larger outer circle. Suffice it to say, the majority of those that did make it didn't go in the middle where I was stationed. Oh well.

So I'm finally working on some monster pillows! I've been wanting to do this for a few weeks now, but of course I had some more pressing, and important plush to make. Now that I have some time to take it a little easier, this is what I'm doing tonight.

So the first one is white fur, and he has that look of surprise! His size is about 9"x15".

I know the picture is dark, but that's the white fabric that's going on the back side. One side for fun, one side when the boss comes to visit. :)

This purple guy is angry!! And he's purple! I think the best thing about him is that not only is he showing his teeth, but his eyes are yellow. They just pop off the purple, and of course they would because yellow and purple are complimentary colours. :-) I knew that... being an illustrator and all! Haha. The final size should be about 15"x15". Not a standard pillow, but that's all good.

The pretty stripey purple fabric on the left is what's going on the other side. I think this will be a great pillow for a woman with the love of purple!

 I wonder if I should add black felt horizontally to make top and bottom teeth?

Scroll down to see the finished products. :)

He'll bite your ear off if you rest your head too long. :)

I really love this purple stripey fabric. So gorgeous. Too bad I only have a small amount. Maybe enough to make one more.

This one turned out to be large and sooooo comfortable.

He's got an interesting face! I have no clue what to call him though...

Back of the pillow.. White on white cotton fabric (in case you want to hide the monster side when someone comes over)

Yup, I am peeking at the camera to make sure it's pointing at me. :)

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