Sunday, November 20, 2011

Needle felted monster and new bunny looks

What a dreary Sunday it's turned out to be. Thankfully on this 20th of November it's +11ÂșC outside, and raining, and not cold and snowing like other parts of Canada. Today was also supposed to be day 2 of my foray at the college craft fair, but I've decided to sit this day out. Yesterday felt like such a bust. We got a small wave of people who came around 12-1 pm, and this cute anglo couple came and bought a few bunnies from me (2 boys as a couple for their gay friends for Christmas), and then they stopped over at my friend's table and bought some cards and magnets from her. I was lucky and paid off my half of the table (only $35), but unfortunately my friend did not get any more sales after that lovely couple, and was still $15 short. Booo! I did manage to score a 3rd sale around 3 pm, but that was it. We didn't see anyone come in for a while after that. Perhaps we got 1 or 2 customers who'd stop by the fair, but it was a fairly poor turn out. I suppose if I went there today, I could have made a few more sales, but I know that I would have been completely alone. My table mate was for sure not going to return, and I wasn't so sure my neighbour across from me was coming back either. I would have been all alone, and no one to watch my stuff if I ever needed to stretch my legs or run to the washroom. I feel I made enough to sit this one out. :)

On to other news! I took some of my older bunnies and changed them a bit for the day of the fair. I decided to make one with a mohawk and a moustache, and the second is a hipster bunny. I got a lot of comments on them!

Here's a before picture of them...

And here is what they look like now....

I think they have more personality now, and they look darn cute with hair!

I finally got my green needle felting needles in the mail from Fiber Alley, and decided to try making some monster earrings. One thing led to another, and I ended up with a tiny, little monster sculpture. I don't know what to call him, but here are some pictures of him.

As you can see he's as tall as a battery! Not very big at all. This little guy took me at least through 2 episodes of Xena the Warrior, one episode of Nikita, and one episode of Drop Dead Diva. I'd say about 3 hours or so. I'd like to sell him, but I have no clue what to charge. So much time was put into this, yet he's so small.

Well my next craft fair is an art expo at the Marché Bonsecours in Montreal's old port. I know this will be a more successful expo because we have a VIP session on Thursday, December 1st, between 5-7 pm where very important people will be invited for wine and cheese and an advanced viewing of all the tables. We're all hoping (the vendors and the organizers) that the media will come. I would absolutely love it if they did! I can imagine all the business I'd get if I could get in the newspapers or something.

Here's the poster again for this art expo. If you happen to be in Montreal on December 1st or 2nd, please stop by!

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