Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Holidays!

I want to make sure everyone had a great holiday weekend this year.

I spent the weekend with my mom. She came to visit me from Brampton, Ontario (near Toronto), and we sat in my living room all day watching movies, knitting (or crocheting), chatting and having a great time. I missed my bed for those two nights, but it was worth it. I own and sleep on a queen size bed, and for 2 nights me and my 2 cats tried to sleep comfortably on a single size mattress (or twin I suppose). Just big enough for one person. Haha.

I was also surfing the web (ok, Facebook), and I found this on a friend's page. She had bought 3 monsters from me for her friends, and I believe this was one of her friends! I love these shots of humans and monsters together.  I think Wooky's reading this guy's mind, or something, because the guy looks a little scared, doesn't he? Great photo!

Happy Christmas! xoxo

P.S. I'm working on an embroidery felt hoop art piece for my apartment, and when it's done I'll show it to you all. :-)

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