Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday Around The House

I've asked my fans on Facebook for what they'd like to read about, so I decided to grab my camera and take some pictures around my apartment, as well as inside, to show you where I live, and what I like.

A tiny egg I found broken on my outdoor chair. The poor embryo is the yellow blurry stuff you see. :(

Some random art. On the left I copied the image that was on the flip side because apparently Moleskin paper is thin, and felt tip pens bleed through a bit (I'm disappointed in that), and on the right I decided to draw part of a rainbow and some randomness around it.

The view of my street from my front balcony. All those steps are the outdoor steps to get to the 2nd & 3rd floor apts. This is very typical of Montréal, Québec, Canada. Nowhere else in Canada have I ever seen apt buildings like this. Also, the trees haven't started to bud ... yet!

The recycling truck is passing by, and as you can see people are getting impatient as the line grows longer.

The hallway of my apt. I'm standing in the tiny bdrm in the front, and the kitchen is the sunny room in the back. It's a bit messy! :)

The church on my street. There's a store where they take in used clothing, and I've found sweaters and very awesome vintage suitcases for $1! This is the view of the back alley. Lots of power lines, or squirrel highways! :)

The view from my back balcony inside. This back area is so nice when it's cold out because it's sheltered and warm.

My kitchen art! The kitties are Littleone (top left) and Squeak (bottom right).

These are my favorite. Two birthday cards I got in 2010, and some rainbow fabric I'll never see again.

I believe this is a bullet hole in some very old glass in the spare room. The landlord said the glass was pretty, so he left it. This apartment is about 100 years old. Maybe the ghost who lives here did that... or he/she died by gunfire?

Living room art! My first painting of Tank Girl done in 2001, and the art on the right is done by Marie-Noëlle Wurm. I love it.

My Japanese (and Australian) corner. The geta sandals were bought in Japan (city unknown). The wooden cat painting was purchased in Kyoto at a farmer's market. The artist painted this on Sakura wood, and it's technically a house sign with my name on it. The Buddha sculpture I bought on Miyajima Island, just off of Hiroshima, and the pink haired Geisha is a lucky charm, supposed to bring me wealth. In the back is another piece of artwork by Marie-Noëlle Wurm. Can't forget my beautiful boys in the picture frame, or my real Australian boomerang (brought to me by my dad when he was in the air force).

A very heavy, all metal Buddha mask I also bought at the Kyoto market. I think I paid $25 for this or something.

This is my ukelele which I love to play when I don't feel like working. I usually play "Creep" by Radiohead, or some other song. That's my hand painted Russian Nesting dolls (from Russia!), and my lovely plastic cherry blossoms from the dollar store.

My third piece of artwork by Marie-Noëlle (left), and my floating Buddha painting I did back in 2008. That was my first attempt at abstract, and it was unsuccessful so I added my own style to it. You can see my little bunnies on the bottom left still haven't yet found a home! They're quite sad. :(

Lastly my Russian Egg and a tiny crocodile head (very real) from New Orleans, both given to me by my dad.

I hope you enjoyed a trip around my place and neighborhood! Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love all the cute randomness around your place and the street views of your neighborhood. I've always wanted to visit Montreal. I've been thinking about doing a studio tour of my apartment on the blog, but I should probably clean it first haha. :)

    1. Thanks! I tried my best not to photograph the messes I have all over. I had a few busy weeks so my place is a bit of a disaster. Montreal is great! I've lived in Edmonton, Toronto and a small military base on a mountain as well, but I have to say that Montreal is by far my most favorite city. Best city to walk around in, and you don't really need a car either. :)

  2. would like to see your "creating area"! I'm always fascinated by those working spaces!

    1. I will definitely consider that, and make that my next blog post!