Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Life As A Plush Toy Designer

I am, as you all know, a new plush maker in this world. I started making monsters about a year ago. I started making monsters originally for a mail out project to get a job as a graphic designer back in 2008, and in January 2009 I put that project aside. I picked it up again in 2011, and developed my style even further.

One year later, here I am! I've got an established line of furry monsters that tickle your fancy, and appeal to all ages. I knew going into this new business that it'd be hard. I was unemployed and on employment insurance when I started making monsters. I had lost my job in January 2011, and couldn't find work as a graphic designer. I had started selling my monsters on Etsy in May on a suggestion by my cousin, Adrinna.

My first craft sale was at Old Skool Fairs in 2011.

I've come such a long way from June 2011 when this photo was taken! I've seen a lot of successes happen to me since then. I've been featured on many blogs:

The Steady Hand:

Nobody Puts Sarah In The Corner:

I love the Yeti:

I only like monsters:

Monster Create and Make

Monsters International: (these guys did an art gallery of monsters on paper, and I showcased my monsters
for a week).

The House of Hearts:

Ooh So Cute:

I've also been featured in a magazine!

Go Green Kids & Parents My feature is on page 35!

But what I want is more success! <laughing>

I mean I want to show up on a news spot, like Belua Designs

She made it on the news in November of 2011, and then when it was over, she couldn't keep her store stocked!! Oh how I wish that was me!! To be fair, she's been making her sock monsters for 4 years before she made it on TV. I know it'll happen to me. My monsters are awesomely cute, and will for sure make it somewhere high profile sooner or later. :)

Another artist that I aspire to be as famous as is Amanda Louise Spayd. Her stuff is amazing!

The resin faces are amazing! I've always (and still want to know how she does her eyes). I won't talk about that, cause I could ramble on forever!

I know Amanda's work is more 'art doll' quality. She usually does one at a time, and will rarely do batches of 20-50 dolls to sell. I would love to have her acclaim in the doll industry, but my monsters aren't artsy. I could easily start making artsy dolls, but that would require 1 to 2 days for sketching and designing of a model, and then a few more days to actually construct it. But that sort of art is not a huge money maker. Maybe in the long run, like 5 years later? Perhaps I will construct some artsy dolls once in a while. I aspire to be invited to showcase my dolls in art galleries like Amanda. I follow her on Facebook, and she's recently had a show in Japan. Can that be me? Do you see my monsters being so popular that a curator will want to showcase my stuff?? I hope so!!

I know it's wrong to be jealous, but it's like fuel to a fire for me! It aspires me to work harder, be better, find more ways to be seen out there. I know a curator here in Montreal, and perhaps I can contact her and bring up the idea of doing a plush show in an art gallery. All the local artists can attend, and get some badly needed recognition!

I know the future is bright for me. With all the work and effort I've been putting into this business, only good can come out of it.

Here's where I am now at craft fair events:

Yes Art Expo - Old Montreal - December 2011
 If only I could have a wall like this for every event, I could always have amazing displays.

I'll keep you all updated of my future successes! Have a great Sunday!


  1. Love your drive for success, there's nothing wrong with a bit of jealousy to drive you forward and i don't see why you wouldn't achieve the same level of success as the others. Why not consider making paper clay faces for your monsters? you could 'stitch' them onto the monsters for that frankenstein type look and they would be considered 'artsy' i think. The eyes i know you can buy those doll eyes over here (uk) ... {{hugs}} and YOU CAN DO IT!! x

    1. Thanks! I don't want to copy Amanda Spayd's work. If I do decide to do something artsy, it'll be an expensive, and complicated version of my furry monsters. :)

      I do know that in another year or so I'll be just as successful as the others. I forgot to mention in my blog that I'm super impatient! LOL

  2. You really have come a long way in a year or so!! I wish I had even a teeny bit of the talent, passion and drive you have :-)

    1. Thanks! Aww, practice makes perfect! You have the talent of being able to knit toys. I couldn't even do that if I tried! :D

  3. Hi, Melanie! It's Gretchen from Three Little Monkeys Studio stopping by to say hi after your visit on my blog. I started in June of 2011 too. Congratulations on so many accomplishments! That's awesome and your work is amazing. Love their little faces. We should team up for a feature or design or something. Love your work!

    1. Hi Gretchen! Thanks so much for your kind words! Yup, lots of hard work = accomplishments. :D

      A collaborative would be neat! Send me an email at with your ideas. :)

  4. WAITWAITWAIT! You have Owls AND minis?? Oooooooooh! I want one of those!! :) Also, I am trying to save up for a Puffy! He's my absolute favorite!! <3

    Xoxo, Sarah

    1. Yup! I hope you save quickly Sarah, because Puffy is a limited edition!

  5. Hey there! great job! i just stumbled on one of your doll on etsy, and here i am. Love your designs, im pretty sure if i see you at some event i'll buy one. I do love and admire your drive.
    I'm also a plush maker ( also in Montreal), and my point of view is that time must be your ally. Everything will come in time, i think.
    I totally understand to desire to make artsy dolls, and if you do find a gallery for an expo i would so participate.
    Anyhow, you have a new follower!

    1. Hi Dominique! Thanks for following me. Yes, you're right, time is my ally. I know in time I'll be way more successful. I see it slowly happening. :)