Friday, June 15, 2012

Funky Friday Favorites: Little Green Guy

Hello, and happy friday. This week's edition of Funky Friday favourites is a new online friend of mine named Brittany Rae Martin. She owns Little Green Guy!

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How did your crafty business come about? What made you want to start it?

My business came about when I made a plush monster for my younger sister as a gift. I love to give handmade things, and with the current economy sometimes that was more affordable! I then did a little doodle of the plush, and showed my friends. They all loved it! And started asking for their own paintings. From there I just kept creating. I am proud to say that as of summer 2011 I didn't even know how to operate a sewing machine, and now I am constantly expanding my plush line! 

What inspires you to create? What supplies do you use?

My children inspire me, watching them get into things, their expressions when they see something new and exciting, I like to translate all of that to my Little Green Guy. As far as supplies, if I am painting I am a bit stingy about only wanting to use Strathmore watercolor pads, my brushes however I have had forever and have a strange emotional attachment to them. For sculpting I LOVE Super Sculpey, and my hands. I don't use many other tools while sculpting, I like the handmade look of my sculptures, finding a bit of a fingerprint here or there makes them original and I love that. As far as sewing I started off only working with fleece, and that is what my Little Green Guy plush is made of. But I have expanded to awesome fluffy fur! I am in love, my sewing machine doesn't always appreciate it, but he does a good job. I sew on a Kenmore, which I have hijacked from my mother, he is now mine forever, she just doesn't know that yet. 

What is your favorite project or most memorable thing you've created?

Gosh that's a tough one! I really put love (as cheesy as that sounds) into everything I create and wind up falling in love with the project. I have to say my proudest moment was self publishing my first children's book. That was a life goal for me, I didn't care if it just sat on my shelf, I wanted to create something for my children and myself. Fast forward to now and my first print order is close to sold out and I have done several classroom visits. Seeing children enjoy my book gives me such pleasure I can't express. 

Aside from crafting, what do you do for fun?

Is there anything other than crafting? Well, crafting is my “fun” but I like to DIY as well outside of Little Green Guy. Before my son was born I had a decorating blog, where I had $15.00 a week to find a few items and refinish them. That has taken a bit of a backseat now that I am working on my business, but I still love to design, DIY, and transform household things! My sons nursery was a recent labor of love!

I have to ask a totally random question, so here goes. If you won millions of dollars tomorrow, would you do with your little business?

Oh man! Well if I didn't die from shock I would TAKE THE FAMILY TO DISNEY! Corny? Yes. But they would love it. When we came back I would open my own store, without a doubt. I see shelves lined with Little Green Guy plush toys, sculptures, etc. As well as having a section for other local crafters. The only rule being everything I stock is entirely handmade. Maybe even a birthday party section for children, where they each can sculpt their own monster or paint a Little Green Guy! Ahh, possibilities!

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Thanks so much for this wonderful insight into you! :) It was a pleasure getting to know you!

Visit her:  Blog ♥ Facebook ♥ Etsy

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