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Friday, July 20, 2012

Funky Friday Favorites: Lilly's Papillon

This week's featured artist is Marilou Prokopiou of Lilly's Papillon. She makes these beautiful butterflies you can wear as a brooch. So grab a coffee, and let's learn more about Lilly's Papillon! :)

• • • •

My name is Marilou and my very close friends call me Lilly! I do love anything with butterflies, bows and with polka dot on! I am a full time graphic designer in the morning and at nights I do create jewellery.

Visit her:   Blog  Facebook ♥ Twitter 

Q & A

Tell us more about what you make!

I create lovely and very colourful brooches in the shape of butterflies, moths, dragonflies, bees, and lately I am trying to experiment with other insects as well. Each piece is created by me in a smoke free, loving environment. They are all out of metal, most of the time out of copper. I cut it, give the shape I want, file it and then add a safety pin at the back. I sand and polish very well each one and then the magic of painting begins. Each piece is very carefully painted. The process for each piece can take sometimes a bit longer than I thought, as each dot should have the right size and shape. If not, I have to start all over again. I use acrylic colors and only fine and very thin brushes to get the right shape of a dot. All patterns are made out of dots. I try to make each one of the brooches unique and each one to have its own pattern. No brooch is the same as with any other. I love the idea of a customer having a unique piece. Most brooches have my signature at the back so the customer will know it is an original.

How did your crafty business come about? What made you want to start it?

Few years ago, I was thinking of taking a jewellery course, I loved the idea of making statement necklaces for myself. So I intended a class and then another and then another and completed two years of courses. In the meantime I was experimenting with all kind of materials till I was introduced in the world of metal; it was love at first sight! I did play with different shapes, up to one day that I thought why don’t I combine my love of butterflies, colour and polka dot! I started making brooches for my family and some friends and without realising, there were some custom orders coming in. This summer I did exhibit twice and it all went really well. More exhibitions are coming this autumn and hopefully I will have lots done by then.

What inspires you to create? What supplies do you use?

I do get inspired by anything I see! I mainly use copper and it fascinates me how you can change the shape of it. From a sheet of metal you can just make anything, in my case butterflies. My work is a combination of using and working with metals and acrylics.

What is your favorite project or most memorable thing you’ve created?

I think it would be the first butterfly I created. Everytime I see it I remember how anxious I was to show my family what I made and my concept and idea at the time which is what I am doing now.

Aside from crafting, what do you do for fun?

Well, if there is any time, which is quite rare lately, I like reading, see my friends but most I love travelling!!!

What are your favorite blogs or websites that everyone should check out?

I have spent hours and hours reading the posts on the site, watching the videos or listening the podcasts.  
I absolutely love her photography! So inspiring!!!
I always check out the new artists on the site. Sometimes when you work alone from home you can get lost in your own ideas and is good to finding out what other creatives do.
And of course…
Even though I haven’t been on lately as much as I would like, its heaven. I see it as a big sketchbook; when I was at uni (MANY MANY years ago) I had to cut and paste images from mags on my sketchbook. Well is similar, instead of cutting and pasting you just click on the image you like! Love it!!!!

I have to ask a totally random question, so here goes. If you won millions of dollars tomorrow, would you do with your little business?

I think I would go 'full time' freelancing and try to dedicate all my time to my little craft business and I would try to explore new materials and new techniques.

Visit her:   Blog  Facebook ♥ Twitter

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Thanks so much for this interview Marilou! I wish you all the luck in your future endeavours!


  1. So great to read Marilou's interview. Her butterflies are even more impressive in person. The detail is amazing!

  2. Hello! It was a very warm interview but the greatest of all is that for the past two years I happen to know Marilou personally and let me tell you she is a treasure (besides that, I'm waiting for my OWN butterfly to be prepared especially for me to wear!)

    1. :) Yours is getting ready this week and will be flying to you very very soon! an extra surprise just for you! thank you so much for your kind words! x

  3. Absolutely fabulous butterflies!!! I adore them

  4. my yellow butterfly keeps me company on my white T-shirt and makes me smile all day!!!
    thanx lilly