Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Going behind the scenes: August 14

There have been some new developments this past month (my favourite word this week).  :)

I've made my first ever tote bag with a furry monster appliqué on it, and Carol in the UK got it! She's the happiest customer today!!

Carol posted this awesome photo on her Twitter account

Here's a closer look of the bag itself! This will be the hit of all of the UK!!

In other news, I have a new client to add to my list. Fleurs et p'tits caprices bought a nice odd number of monsters for their flower slash handmade boutique shop in Maniwaki, Québec. Here's a view of their shop:

Right there in the middle you can see some stuffed toys. Clearly my competitors are there first, but that means it's a good place to sell! :)

I've also been sought out by an online toy store in Australia, and I'm waiting for their confirmation of a wholesale order. It's not yet set in stone, and according to the world clock it's barely morning there right now. It was evening when he wrote me this morning. :)  It's so backwards! Hahaha

Last Tuesday I sent out an email to the head of the buying department for Chapters and Indigo. For those of you not familiar with this name, it's a Canadian bookstore chain spanning across Canada. I've emailed their buyer of the lifestyle department, but haven't heard a word from them in a week. I suppose I could call them and follow up. :) My business counsellor tells us half the time the reason we don't solicit stores is because we're afraid they'll say yes. In this case, he's correct. The reason I haven't called them sooner is because I'm scared they'll buy lots. I mean, the money would be awesome, but that would mean for me hiring on at least 2 full time people. That's something I'm unable to do just yet, no space. However, I'm focusing on the problem and not the solution! :) I will call them... soon.... give me time to build up the courage.

 Today I sent out a new package to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. These monsters are on their way to fill up the shelves of Dots and Loops Handmade! There will be so many more happy people once these little guys get all adopted.

In other news, I have a craft fair at the NDG community centre happening on August 19th, just 5 days away. I believe I will pass on it, because I haven't yet built up my inventory for Comiccon, and I've applied for the September Puces Pop which happens to be the following weekend. I'm not saying I'll get accepted, but I have been once, so I can't see why they wouldn't accept me a second time, right? Besides, the event in Montreal (NDG) is only expecting 200 people, and I could use the day to catch up. Sometimes slow events are more of a waste of time than anything. Perhaps if I had someone helping me sew, it wouldn't be so bad, but I've learned my lesson... As a full time entrepreneur selling artistic products, you can't do every single event. It's always best to choose the events that will bring you the highest payback. If you work 6-7 hours, and your time (say it's $12/hr for example) multiplied by 6 isn't higher or equal to the amount of money you made (after you paid your table), then it was clearly a waste of time. The point of these events is to pay off the table, and make more than that in sales. If you're barely breaking even, it's not worth it. I only attended one event this year where I couldn't pay off my table at all. I know it's not my product, but the location and the kind of people that came. That makes a big difference too!

Also, Comiccon is coming!! It's exactly one month away! Check out who's going to be there as special guests!? I wonder if being in the artist alley, I'll get a free pass to the whole event?? I'd LOVE to meet Patrick Stewart!!!

 I am so not prepared (inventory-wise) for that. I've been under pressure by my entrepreneurship program, and my counsellor to continue soliciting stores. I'm currently up to 11 right now, and if this Australian online shop agrees to buy, then that'll make 12. I haven't yet finished the 11th store's order. Thankfully the batch of monsters I was working on last week for myself and Dots & Loops happened to fall into the same ones this store ordered, so yay.

For the next month I'll be working for the new stores, and Comiccon (and possible Puces Pop), oh and of course for the Christmas rush that will be upon us soon enough!

Lastly, I know it's not Christmas, but I have a great deal going on in my store right now!  Some of my limited edition monsters will no longer be available soon, so it's best to think about what you'd like now, rather than watch them disappear forever!

Here's a list of monsters that most likely will NOT be available at Christmas time (starting as early as October):







To grab any of these cutie pies, you can stop by my shop here:

Until next time!!

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