Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Comiccon was a success!

Hello all!

I'm sorry if my last two posts were repetitive. That contest on the Love Your Local Business site is getting ridiculously competitive, and garnering votes every day is the hardest part about it. I apologize to those of you who may be annoyed. I must remind my fans daily (at least on Facebook I have) to vote, because otherwise falling behind happens too easily. :)

But today's post isn't about the contest! No!! Today I'm going to talk about Comiccon!

Oh my goodness, I had a great time doing it. It was my very first time ever attending as a vendor and a visitor. I wasn't sure what would sell the most, or be popular so I had a little bit of everything....

Large Pillow Monsters...

Zombies and Domo Kun inspired monsters...

Cell Phone Sleeves...

Keychain monsters...

Large Monsters....

As well as Yetis and Regular Monsters...

Sadly I did not sell any zombies or Domos, or even one large furry monster. I did sell out immediately of my Skullies, Yetis, Large Pillow Monsters, and Berries oddly I suppose. :) I know what to make more of for next year!

There were some highlights of the event though! Brent Spiner (Data from Star Trek: Next Generation) stopped by my table to say hi! We weren't allowed to take a photo, but he was there!! The photo below was taken from the web, but this is about how he looked on Saturday.

We also had a very good Spock look alike stop and do a mind meld with Bernard:

Look alike Spock

After doing a comparison of Leonard Nimoy (shown below) my friend James and I both agreed this was a pretty awesome costume!

Leonard Nimoy

I didn't get a chance to meet any of the celebs (sob), but here are some photos my friend got for me!

Patrick Stewart (above) and Malcom McDowell (below) !

We also had some pretty happy customers!

We've signed up already for Comiccon 2013! I had a blast. it was extremely tiring, but so worth it! I hope to see you all next year! :) I know for sure there will be tons of large pillow monsters, tons of yetis, tons of Skullies, and much more!


  1. I love your zombie pillows. They are too cute! Glad you had fun at Comic Con! I would love to go there one year!

    Have a great day

  2. Looks like Commic Con was a big success!! I voted for you again....both today & yesterday! :)