Friday, November 01, 2013

*VERY IMPORTANT* 2013 Holiday Season Shipping Information!

As you all know, the holiday season is fast approaching, and with Christmas coming soon, I need to make sure that everyone knows my shipping policies for 2013.

My shops will stay open all through the holiday season, but please keep in mind that any order put in AFTER December 2nd, will NOT be shipped until AFTER January 5th. The reason for this is that my items are usually made to order, which means they aren't ready to ship, and can take up to 3 days to be made before they are sent in the mail. The US shipping deadlines end on December 10th, but international orders end on December 2nd. It's for this specific reason I have put a shipping deadline for all holiday orders.

Let me give you a for instance....

You live in the United States, it's December 12th, and you want 2 monsters for your kids. You want to get them before Dec 24th, so you can put them under the tree. You buy them on Dec 12, pay regular postage, but I can't ship them until Dec 15th at the earliest because I have a 'will ship in 1-3 days' policy. However, Dec 15 is a Sunday, and no postage goes out. The package doesn't get picked up until Monday Dec 16. But there's a problem...  Parcels sent as regular mail have a Christmas deadline of Dec 10, and you will be receiving your package most likely in January due to the post office's overwhelming packages they have to sort.

I would love for everyone to get their monster on time for that special day. It's for that reason I suggest shopping early! If you order in the next 2 weeks, I can almost guarantee you'll get your monster on time! ;)

Thanks for your understanding!

Happy Holidays!!

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