Sunday, May 15, 2011

Garden Bits

I finally got my garden plants yesterday!! I'm so excited! I'm looking forward to the weather warming up at nights so I can put them outside. I can start my sweet peas cause they like the cold, and this week it's rainy and cold, which is perfect!!
 In the front is a mint plant, and the little one behind it (closest to the window) is thyme.
 This one's sage. I look forward to growing this, and drying it and having nice, fresh sage to put in my dishes!!
Ooooh this little baby is a spicy oregano!! Yumm!!
The plant by the window (the one with the blue tag) is a Japanese eggplant plant. The eggplants grow long and skinny. I can't wait to grow it, and then eat it! I got 2 tomato plants, and one red pepper plant as well. I thought I got a purple sweet pepper plant, but I guess I forgot to buy it at the market, or we did buy it (my friend and I) and I forgot to grab it?? Darn!! That's so sad cause I was really looking forward to growing and eating purple peppers. Like Peter Piper who picked a peck of purple peppers! hahaha
These ones are parsley and yes, that's a yellow onion sprouting greens!! I read online somewhere that if you put the sprouting onion in some water, the greens will grow and they're edible too! They taste almost like scallions or green onions! I just trim when I need green onions, and new ones grow in later on. It's awesome! I never thought of that. I have 2 sprouters that haven't gotten this big, but I have 2 that have, and for just me, that's plenty.
I forgot to mention I also got some nice, sweet basil, and some geraniums to make my front balcony all pretty. ;)
This is Littleone, my little sweet guy. He's looking outside (or checking out my plants). I wanted to share him with the world, cause he's so adorable and my baby.
This cute black and white guy is Squeak. He's my other sweet little man. He loves spankings and long walks in the park! Hahaha kidding about the long walks, not kidding about the spanking!
I will post photos later when the balcony garden has started. :) Happy Sunday!!

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