Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rainy Saturday

Good morning fellow readers ;)

So today I'm going to the farmer's market. I'm going to buy myself some fruits and herbs for my balcony container garden. You're thinking fruits?? Yeah, fruits. :) You know, like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers... the "veggies" that have seeds that are actually classified as fruits. Hehe don't believe me? That's okay. It's just a shame that it's raining today, and the weather network says it will be for the rest of the week. I don't remember ever seeing so much rain in the spring.

I think it'll be great that I can finally start growing tomatoes since I have a lot of sunshine on my back balcony. It's a very sheltered area, so hopefully they'll like the heat too? I'll make sure to put them against the edge where hopefully they'll get a breeze. The pesky squirrels in my neighbourhood can easily jump from the power lines to my back staircase, and I've heard that they really love tomatoes so I'll have to buy some chicken wire to protect them. It's a pain to have to do that, honestly. I'm really looking forward to having my 'veggies' and herbs this year. I think my garden will be more successful than last year's. I tried to grow kale, broccoli,  sweet peas and yellow onions, and the only things I got were yellow onions and sweet peas. I think last year's weather was too iffy. The temperature kept dropping down below 5ÂșC and when that happens the plants decide it's time to stop growing, and most of them stayed dwarfs or they went to seed. My front balcony gets sun for 1 hour in the morning, but I think the only thing I could grow out front would be catnip for my kitties since this balcony is unreachable by the stray cats in my area. :)

I've been working on a new 'monster' for my Etsy shop!! It's a little bear... here's a photo the embroidered mouth..

I'm using some nice, bright pink rayon thread to embroider the little bear's mouth. You can see I traced the mouth with a pen so at least it'll look straight! hahaha I've often embroidered things on felt and then when I sew it on the face, I realize it's all crooked! haha That usually adds to the charm of the plush doll as you know it's been handmade (and always made with love in my case... I love making monsters). Below is the cut out pattern from the weaved polyester fabric I found at Fabricville (Fabricland in non-French areas).

As you can see I pinned the eyes down so that way they'll be straight when I sew them on. I just know the final result will be super cute! Stay posted for the finished product!

Cheers and enjoy your Saturday!

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