Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some Tidbits I Found!

Hello fellow readers! :) I hope everyone is well! I've been reading up on my new book The Handmade Marketplace and it's really given me some good advice that I didn't know about! It talks about pricing your wares, marketing yourself, blogging and/or website, etc... I bought it from Chapters/Indigo online when I had a $5 off coupon not really knowing the content of the book, and I'm glad it did, cause it's really helping me!

The other day I was out trying to buy a lamp from a guy who was selling it on Craigslist, and he forgot to give me his apartment number, so I ended up walking back to the metro and just going home. On my way home, I saw there was a church bazaar, and since I wanted to buy a lamp, I figured I'd stop in and see if there was anything good. Well the place was full of vendors selling clothes, plants, and after a little walk around the middle bit, what did I see???? LAMPS!!!! Yes!! They had one floor lamp (what I originally wanted), but they had an even better table lamp that had a halogen bulb and 2 different intensity buttons. I tried it out, and it was perfect! Bright light, just what I need to do my crafts and only $8. Not a bad deal. So I continue walking and I see a table of fabrics! I'm already thinking about my monsters at this point. I did find this great retro pattern.

Lucky me it only cost $0.50. I think I might have only gotten about a yard and a bit, but that's all I really need for my monsters. :) So i continue walking and there's this round bit in the middle (I forget the name - you normally find them out in parks and they're covered and have a 'fence' around the edge and stairs going up to the elevated bit.. oh what's the word??) Anyway, so I go up and take a look. I don't see anything but then my eye spots these:

BUTTONS!!! I love these buttons!!! They're obviously vintage, and what I love about them (especially the burgundy one) is that it reminds me a bit of Jupiter and the swirling gasses on the planet's surface. But really, the colours are just gorgeous!! I can just imagine using these for monster eyes, and how nice it'll look. The sheet cost me $1.00 and I got 4 colours to choose from, and 4 different sizes for each colour. That's a lot of buttons for $1. A steal! If I had managed to find that guy's apartment and buy that lamp, I would never have seen this church bazaar, and I wouldn't have found these great finds. I'm looking forward to seeing what my monsters will look with these on them.

Stay posted and when I make them, I'll take pictures and post them! :) You can also see and buy my wares at my Etsy shop: http://www.curiouslittlebird.etsy.com  and you can view my website here: http://www.curiouslittlebird.ca

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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