Friday, May 06, 2011

Redesigned for a new brand

I changed the look of my blog today. I've made it match my new etsy shop, and my new business cards so that it's all consistent. I think it's great! The colours are nice and soothing...

I'm still finding it slightly difficult to write regularly in my blog. Sometimes I don't know what to say. I think I have an unnatural need to write super cute, or awesome like some of the blogs I read. I guess I have too high expectations for myself, and I should really take baby steps. I should just write what's in my heart, and eventually the rest should follow... non? :)

Hehehe I was in my French class today, and I was speaking to my French teacher and I told her every time she put 'non' at the end of a sentence, I felt like shouting "Non!" in response! She thought that was funny.

So the next thing on my list is to get a cork board. I want a nice big one so I can pin up illustrations, or things that inspire me (or CAN inspire me). My dad's going to bring me a desk for my art room and I'll finally have something to work on! Once I have my room set up a bit more, I think I can focus on having some goals. I guess I could post sticky notes all over the place, but it seems like such a waste! To get me started and focused and excited about getting my crafty business going, I bought this book...

I got this book as an early birthday present! :) I think this book will help me to focus myself instead of aimlessly wasting each day. I've noticed that since I've been out of work, the days seem to fly by!! It's odd how that works.

On May 11th (my birthday incidentally), I'll be attending the Freelance: Graphic Design event at YES Montreal. It's a chance to meet with a woman who started her own design business. From the description of this particular workshop, I think it'll be helpful to getting me started in the starting of my graphic business. That means that on one side I'll be promoting my crafts, and on the other doing graphics for random companies. I figure if both do fairly well, I should be able to make a decent living from this, and never again have to work for a someone, or be a different person!! Yay!

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