Saturday, May 28, 2011

Puce Pop Lil Biz Seminar Day

Just got back from today's Puce Pop's 'Lil' Biz' seminar. It was great! We got info on taxes, GST numbers, what happens if you incorporate, then there was a talk from the publisher of Drawn & Quarterly talking about press releases, and she gave us a $23 hard cover comic-type book!! Then there was this woman who runs/owns this website for entrepreneurs?? I'm not sure, I'll have to do some research ( and then a great little bit on how to properly photograph your work using paper from Dollarama, a table, natural cloudy light, and a bag of rice as a camera stand! The last speaker was from Moment Factory, but near the end of his 'speech' I had to jet cause I wanted to stop at the Farmer's Market to get some fresh veggies for the week! Oooh then freshly baked bagels from St-Viateur. Yumm.

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