Thursday, June 02, 2011

New Additions To My Home

Good morning! I have a few new additions to my home. They're cute, cuddly and one of them is a descendant from Yetis.

First off let me introduce you to Felicia. She's related to Felix the cat, but she's not acquainted with him. She lives in a world of make believe where cats have odd-shaped bodies just like her. She has a twin, Agatha that lives in Brampton, Ontario, so Felicia is hoping that someone will adopt her so that she can also have a nice home to live in. She prefers homes with nice fabrics that compliment her blue and beige undertones.

Felicia is 9" wide, and 7.75" tall (23cm x 18cm). She's make of high quality wool felt, beautiful patterned cotton and some great vintage flower button eyes. Her entire face was hand stitched, and her body was machine sewn. Felicia also comes with a handmade, but beautiful Curious Little Bird tag to identify her!

If you like Felicia, and would like to buy her but you'd like her in a different colour with a different pattern for her eyes, please go to  and send me a convo and we can arrange something! :) She's on sale for the low price of $25.

Felicia had her face hand stitched, and she loves all the attention!

Felicia's even been adorned with a personal shop tag with the Curious Little Bird logo!

Meet Huey. Huey is a brand new Yeti keychain. He's only been up for adoption for 24 hours, and then my friend Martine really wanted him last night so i removed him from Etsy. He's so happy to have a home to go to! You can tell from his little face how excited he is! He was on sale for $10!  But don't despair, I will be making more!

This is Huey! He was only born 24 hours ago, and already he's got a new home!! Yay!

Even Huey has a fancy tag!

Huey is so cute and tiny!
I've packaged up Huey and he's ready for his new owner!! Look how cute and patient he is! :)

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