Saturday, June 04, 2011

Updates And Other Awesomeness!

Hello!! Happy Saturday! So I have some updates! I've sold another softie today!! Clara from Bees Wiggle Shoppee on Etsy has purchased Gretchen today, and I'm very excited!! She's off on a nice trip to the UK. She's so lucky!

In other news, I have some new additions to the monster family. Behold!!!

They're really fun to make! Sarah was a little bit tricky though. I forgot to check out which way the fur was going, and she ended up having a rounded bottom, so to fix that, I gave her little ears. Both of these little guys measure about 2.5" high (6.38 cm) and 2" wide (5 cm). They're on sale on my Etsy shop, at

In other news and updates, I had gotten out of the shower this afternoon and I went in the bedroom to grab some clothes, and what did I see on the bed??? Nothing but cute little buddies cuddling together and creating a collective AWWWWW all over the world. I love it when my little boys decide to sleep together like this. It's for sure a photo moment! I'm glad I caught this. :)

As for my 'experimental monster', the ideas I had sort of tanked, so I need to either decide if I want to at least try 1 or 2 and see how they do, selling wise, or else I will keep making what I have been making. My next project are plush elephants à-la-Melanie! I made one, named it Wilbur.

The new elephants will sort of be like this, but I need to work on the pattern a bit. This one's trunk was almost impossible to sew on the machine, so the trunk needs to be redesigned, and I think he needs to be longer (from tail to nose) so he doesn't tip over! Otherwise I think this could be a nice little plushie!

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  1. Cute monsters and plushies! As for the kitty photo - AWWWWWWW!!!! Now THAT's Brotherly Love!!! :)