Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Very First Craft Fair

Yesterday I got to attend my very first craft fair! It was very exciting! I didn't have a lot of time to prepare since I was told there was a cancellation the day before, but I did my best! I brought all of my monsters with me, all nicely tagged with prices and their names written on the tags. I found that a lot of people really loved that I had named them all, and they all had a little story behind them. It was a shame I couldn't remember all the stories. I wished I had had time to make little folded cards with their story inside for those who bought them.

Here I am looking a little silly :) The woman who was taking my picture didn't know how to press the button properly.

My table, my sign, my cards and my monsters. I had only 4 hours to prepare so I didn't have anything to prop them up with.

All in all it was a great day! I sold my first monster within 30 minutes of having set up, which was a real boost!

Worf (shown above) was the first one to be adopted! A very nice couple from France took him home.

I had a lot of great comments toward my monsters. Most of them were "Oh they're *so* cute!" I loved watching the looks of people walking by (those who didn't stop), and their faces would light up with a smile. Of course not everyone liked my little guys. Some people didn't even care! Oh well! :) One mother and her child Ivy and Ivy's friend came to my table, and they absolutely loved my monsters!

This is Ivy! She is 8 yrs old and really loved all my dolls.

Ivy and her cute little friend.

Ivy really loved to be photographed, and insisted I take her photo again! And she also wanted to make sure all my business cards were in a nice pile (even though I had arranged them nicely already)! LOL

Felt and pipe cleaner monsters Ivy, her mother and her friend made (an inspirational project thanks to me). I was happy!

This is my first custom project! Ivy wanted a monster made so I'm making this one for her. Her mom already paid for it.    How awesome is that??

Right after Ivy checked out my monsters, she made this for me at the craft kids table. Isn't she so sweet? It is so going up on my cork board!

The best part of yesterday was when the adults would come to my table, see a monster, and it would remind them of their childhood. I received a few guys who really loved one particular monster, but it was a shame they didn't have money to buy it. I feel I may have scared them off by saying they should have gotten money and come back to buy it because they're all one-of-a-kind dolls, and if I sold it, they'd never get one just like it. I never did see them again for the rest of the day (hence why I think I scared them off). :)

It was great though. In the end I sold 6 monsters, made 2 trades with other vendors for art and pottery in exchange for a monster. Lots of business cards were taken, and surprisingly, a good portion of those cards were from the children themselves! Trading I find is a really good way to get your name out there for both parties. It's a shame I didn't grab cards from the vendors I traded with... I didn't think about it at the time.

Hahaha.... I just remembered on moment in particular. A couple of boys came to the table and absolutely *loved* the monsters! They would take each one in turn and make the monster's face on their own face to his friend! Haha It was so very entertaining to watch. It was really neat to see they both took a business card too! My friend Nellie who came to help me out had told me the kids will probably google me, and look at my website and then tell all their friends! I don't doubt it.

The fair was a success!! I look forward to the next one!

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