Thursday, June 16, 2011

Canada Post on Lockout

Hello everyone! SO Canada Post has been on an unexpected lockout since Tuesday, June 14th, and all mail has been stopped, and they've even locked up the mail boxes to prevent people from 'mailing things.' This really put a damper on my shop since I rely on the post to send out my things.

There's a possibility I won't be posting as much, or as often, but I'll try to keep it up with more interesting things like art I'm doing for Le Nichoir's "Wildcard Project" to help rehabilitate wild birds and release them back into the wild. <--- Go to this link to download the package for more information. I highly recommend you participate! Think about your art sitting in someone's house, and you also helped birds get back into the wild, and you might get something out that in the future when someone goes to the buyer's house and says... "Ooohh I love that, who painted it?" and they tell them, and then that person googles you and finds you and asks you to paint THEM something and they give you pretty money. Wouldn't that be great?? :) SO doesn't that make you want to click the link now??

Here's a bit more about the project (which is open to ALL artists and photographers all over the world!!!):

The Wildcard 2011 event is being organized for the benefit of Le Nichoir Wild Bird Rehabilitation Centre.
The Wildcard is ...
  • An event taking place Saturday November 19th at Collège Sainte-Anne in Lachine, QC.
  • A sale of 5” by 7” size unframed original art, signed on the reverse and sold for $65 (the average cost to rehabilitate and release one bird back into the wild).
  • A fun, fast paced sale. The art is previewed but the buyer cannot see the artist’s signature until the purchase is complete and the card is handed to them.
  • Financially supporting Le Nichoir because the $65 selling price of each work goes directly to Le Nichoir. (Sponsorships and event ticket sales ensure there are no overhead costs.)
The Wildcard event is open to all:
  • Media
  • Medium
  • Content
  • Subject matter
The work must be:
  • On a 5” x 7” support
  • Signed only on the reverse
  • Without mats and be unframed
  • Two dimensional or low relief
Our first Wildcard event held in 2010 was supported by 225 Canadian and international artists who donated over 550 Wildcards. The sale of these Wildcards was a roaring success and so we are organizing Wildcard 2011. With your help the second annual Wildcard event will move Le Nichoir another step closer to building a new Conservation Centre.
Le Nichoir is ...
  • A unique Canadian organization because of the number of native birds successfully rehabilitated and released back into the wild.
  • The largest rehabilitation centre for songbirds in Canada.
  • Located on land owned by the Nature Conservancy of Canada in the Clarke Sydenham Nature Reserve in Hudson, Quebec.
  • Part of an international network of conservation and rehabilitation organizations including the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council and the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association.
  • Seventeen years of compassionate and professional wild bird rehabilitation, public education and promotion of avian research.
  • Undertaking construction of a new Conservation Centre to:
    • Meet increasing demand for wild bird rehabilitation programs
    • Increase educational activities
    • Attract more students and researchers.

Our Sponsors ...
This project would not be possible without the generous support of the following companies who have donated their products, services or expertise to this project.
Brasserie McAuslan
Papeterie St-Armand
Galerie Ouest
au Atelier de dorure  

Need more information ...
Don't hesitate to contact the Wildcard coordinator via phone at 450 458 2901 or by email:

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