Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Saturday! The ball is rolling!

My goodness! I had such a great weekend so far, and it only just started! Last night I was at an Etsy Craft party, and I learned how to make fabric covered buttons and needle felting. Here is my needle felting projects that I finished!

The octopus I did 2nd, and the flower (or tree) I did first. I love it so much because it's like drawing but with a whole new medium! What's best about this, is how you just have to stab the felt into the felt and voilĂ ! It's awesome. For more information, or to grab a kit, at her shop FiberAlley you can go to Etsy The kit comprises of a sponge, 3 needles, 7 colours of felt, and some wool batting to do your designs on.


So if you're interested, her name is Allison, and I'm sure she'd LOVE to hook you up with a great, little kit. She's out of Montreal, Canada just so you know. :) Here's her Etsy shop again.

So what else is great is that this morning I got an influx of LIKES on my Curious Little Bird Facebook Page and about 10 people from all over Australia! One of the shops discovered me, tagged me in their post, and thus brought over all these Aussies to like my page in turn! How amazing is that?? I also seem to be loved by the UK people too!!

I can't believe how all my hard work marketing my shop online has really paid off! It seems to be suddenly snowballing, which is really awesome!!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot!! I got an email today and I've been featured in another blog!! This time Gregg got the attention:

Featured on the blog Bittersweet :)

Here's the link to the blog!

So it seems that my little experimental monster idea I was doing isn't even necessary to get people to love my work! It seems that they are loved just the way they are! I will continue doing what I've been doing because my work seems to appeal to a wider audience, and that's what's great! I know having a brand/look is nice, but I am a square peg that doesn't fit into that round hole. :0) haha  What I love is making monsters/softies/plushies of all kinds of looks, and it shows! I take great pride in creating a nice end result.

So hooray for me! If you would like to follow my progress more closely, I suggest you check out my Facebook page, Curious Little Bird, at or you can follow me on Twitter if you haven't already clicked the button on the page and my username is:
Twitter: @ardwinna_m

Have a happy Saturday everyone, and please tell your friends about my shop! I love that the whole world loves my monsters :) It makes me so warm and mushy inside!! :D

That's me on the left and my BFF Nellie Yee on the right!! Look how happy we are at the success of Curious Little Bird! hahaha Thank you !!!!!


  1. Woo hoo, I made it onto your blog! I'm famous now... ;)

  2. Thanks for the feature, Melanie! What a great blog! Your photography truly showcases the unique quality of your work. Wishing you continued success and perpetual enthusiasm:)