Thursday, June 09, 2011

I've Been Featured!

So today I saw a post on my Facebook page, and it was one of the pages I liked that had annouced to their followers that one of their plushies got featured on someone else's page. That's great, I thought! Since I haven't heard from anyone I decided to do some research myself (since I'm really good at finding what I need on the inter-web). First step, I googled "Curious Little Bird." I found my blog (2nd hit), my flickr account (3rd hit... the 1st hit was someone else's website by the by), 4th and 5th hit are both my facebook pages, one's with the new username, the other's with the old one that FB gave me. The 7th hit is my deviantART page. And then..... at the very bottom, the very last link..... what do I see???

I Love the Yeti: Curious Little Bird Yeti

19 May 2011 ... Curious Little Bird Yeti · Maurice is a horned Yeti by Curious Little Bird. Labels: Horns, Plush. 0 comments: Post a Comment ...

This person mentioned Maurice, and I knew this was MY Maurice, the Yeti...!! I clicked on it, and what did I see????

He was featured, but when I had take the photo of him outside, so it had been a long while!! May 19th in fact!!

Well this is exciting since this is my first featuring!! Almost 2 months with my shop, and already I'm being featured! This is great!!!

I just hope that next time they will be kind enough to send me an email (if they can) so that I may boast about it.

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  1. Sorry about that! I post so many, I don't have time to let everybody know in advance. Let me know if you do another yeti, and I'll give you more of a heads up. Best - Henry of "I Love the Yeti"