Thursday, June 09, 2011

Garden Bits & Plushie Updates

Happy Thursday everyone!

I have a few updates to blog about today! I made a few plushies yesterday. One is a keychain monster, and he's absolutely the tiniest one I've made thus far, and the second isn't quite monster, but more of a woodland creature. With no further ado, here they are:

Mini Me 2"x2" keychain monster

Tom the Bear animal plushie - 10" high by 4" wide
Again, these guys are listed on Etsy, and are for sale :) They do need to go to nice homes!

In other news, my container garden is doing quite well. Remember a few weeks ago I posted photos of my plant babies I hadn't put out in containers yesterday? Well here's an update at how my plants are doing, and close ups of the fruits that they're producing. I say fruits because most of these 'veggies' have seeds which classifies them as fruit really. :) A real vegetable doesn't have seeds. They would be potatoes, onions I think? I don't know for sure, best to Google it. :)

I don't quite know what this is, but it came in what looked like a humongous pea pod, and the seeds were a mottled pink.

All I know it's  a climbing plant. :)

My largest tomato plant! Lots of little flowers, no fruit has started yet.

A close up of my Japanese Eggplant producing it's first fruit, and there's a 2nd on this plant too!

Ah HA! You can see the 2nd eggplant just there in front!

My 2nd but not as big as my 1st tomato plant. Weird how this one's not as big.

This is my tiny purple pepper plant. It's not gotten very tall or very big. These are hard to grow apparently.

As you can see my purple pepper plant does have some baby fruit sprouting despite its small size.

My red pepper plant which is just a tad larger.

And its baby fruit!

My herb collection.

My basil... it doesn't seem to like it here in this area much, but what do I know? It's my first time growing it.

I had some yellow onions that were sprouting and were living in water, so my mom suggested I plant them in soil, and I guess I'll see the results. :) Maybe new onions? I don't know. Too bad, the green shoots were so tasty, and now that it's in soil, no more green shoots. :(

My sweet peas. Easiest thing to grow! Love them fresh.

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