Tuesday, June 07, 2011

More Plushies In My Life!

I attended an Artists' Conference yesterday (Monday, June 6) and although it was a long day, I did learn a few things, and met some great people. This one girl I met lives in the Plateau (I'm totally assuming from her manner of speak and look), and she totally inspired me to create my newest plushie, Hipster Bunny.

Hipster Bunny mocks the way you dress. He will always check out why your glasses are small and not wider than your face. Hipster Bunny is just so hip he can pull off a yellowy granny pattern and he's still pretty hip. Hipster Bunny is so hip that even though he mocks your clothes, he'll love you to death! His cute little face, and sly little smile suggest a sweetie behind those ginormous glasses. He'll be your best friend because he's just so awesome!!!

Here he is!!! Keep in mind that all my creations are ©Curious Little Bird and cannot be replicated, or used in any way.

I'm thinking of doing a few more hipster animals, but let's see how things go :)

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