Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Very First Harvested Eggplant

Good almost afternoon! It's Thursday, and today I harvested my very first Japanese eggplant!!! I'm so excited and a little annoyed too. Haha Why am I annoyed?? Because my first eggplant got 'tasted' by a rogue squirrel a few weeks ago when the eggplant was still pretty small, and there are little teeth marks all over it that deepened as the eggplant got bigger. I don't intend on throwing it out, I'll eat it nonetheless but still, I mean, come on! I was forced to wrap my plants in netting to keep out birds and small animals (squirrels mostly). I was told by my friend Nellie that squirrels love to steal fruit, especially tomatoes (which incidentally I have two plants of, and I do NOT want anything stolen!). If the eggplant is no good on the inside (the one with the teeth marks), then I'll have to throw it out. Thankfully I have at least 10-12 more growing!!

Here's what it looks like. It's about 6-7 inches!!

Eggplant side without teeth

You can see the teeth marks the squirrel made!

Well hopefully all of my other plants will be doing well. I can't wait. :) I love gardening and eating fresh fruits (they're all technically fruits I'm growing since they all have seeds).

On Tuesday I got to munch on 3 fresh sweet peas from my plants! So sweet and yummy. I had to move them to the front balcony because apparently the intense heat created by the protected back balcony impeded my sweet peas from getting very tall, which is a real shame. I'm growing two seed packets, and I'm not getting very many fruits. I'd say about the amount you'd get in a package if you bought them at the grocery store, and for the same price. The only difference is that mine are pesticide and hormone growth free, and WAY tastier!

Keep posted! I'll post more garden photos when my purple peppers start to get really big!

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