Friday, June 24, 2011

New Facebook Page

Good morning everyone! Happy Friday! Today is a dreary, rainy day, perfect for staying home and doing crafty things.

I want everyone (in the whole wide world too) to know that I have a new Facebook page! No, not Curious Little Bird (my plush monsters) but for my Graphic design and Illustrations.
I am a multi disciplinary woman, and I have many talents!! I created this page in hopes to bring clients to me internationally, and an opportunity to be noticed. I recommend you LIKE my page :) And that way, you can follow up on what I'm doing, etc. It's always nice, right? Plus, then all of your friends will see what you like, and them in turn my come and visit. It's a great idea.

In other news, I've got a few new additions to my sketchbook. Want to see?? :)

The elephant sketch I did in 20 minutes. From the time I got on the metro until I arrived at my stop. I kept wondering if the people sitting next to me (who could clearly see what I was doing) were watching me. I find it (personally) fascinating to watch others draw in public. It's not something you see artists do in public trains/metros/subways. I find it hard to draw when the metro is bouncing up and down really hard. :-) I'm surprised it's as good as it is.  The drawing on the right is a little raccoon. He's very cute. I was trying something out for a possible painting idea for Le Nichoir. I don't want to do a bird-inspired painting because last year a good portion of artists did that, and they really wanted all ideas!! I want to stay true to myself, n'est-ce pas?  I figured I'd do a series of cutesy paintings (maybe inspire someone to buy them all so they get the whole set). Haha

Now I'm off to do some more Facebook updates! Until later!

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