Friday, July 15, 2011

Creative Ramblings and Other Doodles

Good evening! It's Friday, I've worked my first week at my first freelance contract gig this year, and already I'm wishing to be done and back home. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to make some cash, but I thoroughly enjoy working from home. I've been doing it for 6 months now, and I don't have any desire to return to the working world of slaving like a robot for someone who just wants to line their pockets with cash, know what I mean? I mean, if I want to slave over something, it's going to be for myself this time. At least I'll put in a bigger effort because I know that I will be rewarded.

Today we got to leave early. Good for me, bad for them (the company's busy!). I was on my way home and looked over at a courtyard behind the Anglican Church of Christ on Union Street north of Sainte-Catherine Street and it looked so lovely I decided to stop and draw something. The seat I settled on had this great view!
Anglican Church of Christ

I took this photo with my cell phone, and then I loved it so much I decided to draw it!

My interpretation of the church. For someone (me) who doesn't do a lot of realism, I'd say this was pretty aewsome!
From my comment you can see how much I like this drawing. I don't often do realism, but I find that since I've stopped slaving for someone else, I've had a lot more creativity flowing back to me which is super awesome. It's like it used to be. I must say though, that Montreal is a really inspiring city to be living in, especially an artist. Now, it's perhaps not the best painting (Ok, I'm being hard on myself), but keep in mind I'm still learning the art of watercolouring.  It's not the easiest to work with. I also haven't learned the art of drawing foliage in the foreground, so I ended up doing a lot of scribbles. I needed to show that the trees were above me and in front of the church. When I started painting this, I got halfway and kind of wished I hadn't painted it at all, but once it was started I couldn't just leave it.
After I drew this I strolled around to see what this tourist was photographing. Apparently it was this!

It's strange. I walked only a meter and the colour of the sky and building totally changed!

Squiggly church!

It's really fun to take pictures of buildings reflecting off buildings. As I was strolling around I suddenly ran into a sign that was about ribcage high. It had a pointy metal edge, and it totally rammed in my abdomen! It left a mark, but thankfully not a bruise. I felt so silly walking into that! But what I was thinking was "why are there signs screwed into the ground all over the place?" I mean, I'd have to look down to see them!

Hopefully I can find more things to draw! I'm starting to become less rusty and more at ease. I guess I'll have to start carrying a small amount of supplies with me in case the need strikes me.


  1. For someone who doesn't do 'realism' that drawing is amazing!

  2. Thanks! :) I do try to hone my realism skills. Never know when they'll be neeeded!