Friday, July 15, 2011

An Interview About Me and My Monsters!

I was interviewed the week before last! This woman, Tiphanie, originally part Belgian and French, found me on the internet, and she absolutely LOVES my monsters! She had asked if she could interview me and I agreed! Who would say no to that? Beside, it's also free advertising and publicity for me which is good, exactly what I need since I'm just starting out, right??

Her mission?? Here's a translation from her blog:
"Miss in Montreal gave me a mission, I made a personal challenge: Keep a blog for all Montrealers who are recognized more fully in the category "young girl" and not in the "mother of family ".
So Mademoiselle Maman was born. It aims to deliver the minutes of all that I tested to find out how to keep soul and body of a young girl while having a heart mom.

Without further ado, here's a link to the original interview...  Now, it's originally written in French, so I'm going to do my best to translate it so that my English speaking readers can enjoy it too! :)

Adorable stuffed animals.

Hello world!

I am very excited today because I am about to share with you my latest favorite, and what a favorite!
You might not know, but
Mademoiselle my daughter and I have a passion for things handmade. So I spend more time on Etsy, a large craft site, much larger site of any kind.

I strongly advise you to go for a ride, at least for the pleasure, on the page of Curious Little Bird. You can discover adorable handmade plush, all unique in their kind. I immediately fell in love! A short visit to the blog of this graphic designer and I was convinced this girl has talent to spare! It was therefore absolutely necessary that I meet with her.

 Curious Little Bird vs Mademoiselle Maman : 

I ring, and the door opens onto a shy Montreal false air of Selma Blair. Her name is Melanie and she receives me in her apartment. A few brushes and a palette of watercolors are still spread on the desk, showing recent activity. I had certainly interrupted her in the middle of some creation.

A little embarrassed though delighted by the attention I was giving her, she told me a little of her and a lot about her monsters, as she calls them. Melanie is a graphic designer, an illustrator and creator of monsters. She presented them all and I loved them all.

Yes, but we liked what?

- Style. They are all adorable these little monsters! I even dare say monstercute!
- That every creation is unique. Your plush is yours and nobody else's and that's awesome!
- Melanie gives a name and a story to each of her stuffed animals. This really gives the impression of finding a friend rather than just an object.
- They're in Montreal and 100% handmade. It's fair trade, completely handmade and therefore, doesn't create much pollution.
- She started using safety eyes which makes them safer than fabric eyes.
- She can also do special orders. At the previous craft fair, Melanie had inspired a little girl who made ​​her a drawing, and became a toy. Her mother paid to have the monster of her dreams made for her daughter, and that, touches me!

The future of Curious Little Bird?

We wish her brilliance!

Melanie told us she wanted to find a style for her monsters, a recent survey on her Facebook Fan Page has revealed that it's better for the company to have a recognizable identity for its products. We understand the process even if, in Miss Maman, we love diversity. Do not hesitate to write to tell her what you think, which monster you prefer, submit ideas and so on. Melanie likes to have constructive criticism to help her grow.

Curious Little Bird's Links : 

On Facebook, you can follow the news daily by joining her fan page at
Her blog, to see Melanie's creations (and not only her plush monsters):

The last word of Mademoiselle My Daughter:

While Mademoiselle Maman did the interview, I verified everything, and it's all good! I touched, tested and approved. I even checked Melanie and I can tell you that she has hands of an artist!

I adopted Maurice the Yeti for dad, and and Sarah for Mademoiselle Maman (though she lends it to me). Maurice now sits proudly on the couch and Mom was in charge of the reception of guests. Sarah, meanwhile, was hooked up to my jolly jumper and I triy to catch her every day, holding out my little arms, but I cannot. I tell him my stories of babies for hours! Melanie wrote an article about their departure here, so we'd like to say that we're taking good care of our little monsters and we love them very much! 

The last word of Mademoiselle Maman:

Melanie doesn't just sell stuffed animals, she sells dreams!

Mademoiselle Maman


  1. a great translation ! just, in the last paragraph it's more like : " and sarah for mademoiselle maman (though she lends it to me)."

    and i like to confirm : I LOOOOOVE your work !

    and i'm part frenche/part belgian but I live in Montreal now and, I hope, forever !

    Mad mam