Friday, July 08, 2011

New Umbrella and Stuff

Happy Friday everyone!

Today is a good day, and partially annoying day. Well annoying because I spilled sangria on my desk last night, and it splashed onto my keyboard. I ran to rinse it off, but a few hours later I no longer had use of the letter 'd' (I can only use it now cause I'm copying and pasting it... yes annoying!). I can't use the capital 'e' and sometimes my ')' key doesn't want to work. This morning my keyboard freaked me out!! My Mac booted in a blue screen with the words 'Apple Hardware Test' and I didn't know what to think! After a few restarts, I clued in that perhaps my keyboard was the problem.... and once I unplugged and rebooted sans keyboard, it worked! Suffice it to say I'm getting a new titanium, wireless one tomorrow. It's a shame, my old titanium keyboard is only a few years old.

For a change of scenery today, I decided to do my illustrating outside. Because I wanted more privacy from the neighbour next door who smokes, I had to go out to the local hardware store & buy a large 8' umbrella. Totally cut the hot sun, & made sitting outside very tolerable.  I also set up a curtain using my door towel hanger as a 'fly keeper outer.'  Here's some photos of my set up and my plants! :) I love my container garden!!

My slotted curtain, a door hanger thingy and a rod to keep flies from flying in accidentally. I think it worked. :)

My new $30 umbrella and 'fly stopper' curtain thing I just threw together! Looks pretty, and keeps out the sun!

My eggplant, pepper, tomato and basil plants.

My herbs and some crawling plant with pretty orange flowers.

The illustration I was working on today.

 I saw a june bug the other day... I've never seen one before! This was the best shot I could get.

Well have a good weekend everyone! I'm very much looking forward to a working keyboard where I don't have to keep pasting the 'd' just to use it. :)


  1. Verrry nice setup outside! Love the 'fly curtain' - it has a hippy feel to it. The illustration is impressive too. :)