Tuesday, July 05, 2011

News And Other Happenings

I had my interview today with the author of the blog Mademoiselle Maman. Her blog is written in French. I believe Tiphanie is from France! My interview and photos of me with my monsters will be posted in this site Mademoiselle à Montréal and yes, it'll be in French, but when I get the email that it's posted, I will translate (to the best of my ability - as long as she didn't use a lot of slang) in English for all my English readers.

After the interview, she left with her cute baby Helen, and then came back 10 - 20 minutes later saying she wanted to buy Maurice and Sarah! I knew she wanted to buy Maurice for her husband, but Sarah was a nice surprise.

Maurice the Yeti - SOLD!! YAY!!

Saray the keychain! SOLD!!

In other news I'm working hard getting a ton of illustrations done before August 1st. I'm also starting a month long freelance gig which will be a nice chunk of change. I am hoping to create a monster during my work week, and even get my illustrations finished. That too would be nice.  After my 2 recent sales I'm down to 11 monsters. Almost all of them, except for Tom the Bear and Maple, were my originals done back in 2008. If only I had a little worker who could help me ;) Wouldn't that be nice??

Looking forward to work. It'll be weird going to work. I'm so used to getting up when I want to, doing what I want, when I want. But for the pay I'm willing to put up with it for 1 month. :) Money is king right now, and rules my life!


This is Mini Me, and he finally arrived at his home in New York City the other day! The woman who received him wrote this to her friend who mailed it to her:

"Thank you so much for my little strawberry-eating friend!  He likes to go with me everywhere. Apparently he was one of the negotiators for the postal workers.  I don't know if he did the best job though.  He is very sweet, but a little confused (he thinks union and yoga are the same thing). "

I think he'll be happy with her! :)

Have a great Tuesday!

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