Monday, September 26, 2011

Wildcard Submissions

Hello everyone. It's Monday. Most of you hate Mondays, and I'm indifferent. Seeing as I work at home, Monday is the same as Sunday (all stores close at 5 pm). :-) Haha no really, it's fine.

Anyway, I got a call on Saturday whilst I was shopping for ribbon from Le Nichoire, and they informed me they extended their artist submission deadline to October 7th, and since there was still room for art to be sold at their auction in November, the woman, Lindsay, hoped I could still participate. Well Monday turned out to be a very productive day. Not only am I am to participate, but I got TWO paintings done! Now my part is done, I hope someone buys them because the proceeds go to help rehabilitate a wild bird and put it back into the wild. Not bad eh? And I get a tax credit for the paintings I've sold. I'm pretty confident that people will just *LOVE* my work.

The new deadline to submit art is October 7th, and anyone from any country can participate. Here's the link:

5" x 7" watercolour painting of koi fish ©Curious Little Bird & Melanie Audet

This koi painting I did as an 8.5" x 11" sketch in my bigger sketchbook, and I really loved it. I had originally intended to turn it into a painting for my place, but I never got around to it. Someday. Since Le Nichoire wanted original work, I thought I'd do something I hadn't done before, hence the koi. Pretty aren't they?

Below is my interpretation of Old Man Winter. :)

5" x 7" watercolour painting - Old Man Winter ©Curious Little Bird & Melanie Audet

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