Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Exposure & A Little Success

Good morning and a happy Tuesday to everyone!

So my plush adventure in the Espace Galerie art show all about monsters didn't turn out to be a huge success. When I went to the gallery last night to "work" in exchange for 100% of my sales, I got there, and noticed that in the 6 days I left my plush in there, only 1 was sold. On the bright side, the couple that bought little Bloo (shown below) paid $40 and didn't want their change.

I did know that the curator's husband really wanted Amarillo (below), and he struck me a deal. $25 plus a catalog full of all the art from the show. I didn't say no, because he really loved this little guy. :)

Michael, the guy who bought Amarillo, did some pretty funny stuff with Amarillo. ;)

Amarillo looks quite content all bundled up in his scarf blanket. :) I'm glad he's going to a great home!

Have a great Tuesday!

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