Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Cat Hats

I'm really feeling the holidays are here (now that my business classes are stopped for a few weeks), and I needed to share this feeling with my kitties. So what did I do today? I made them hats!! Yeah I did! Ok so they're not fancy hats, and they only took me 5 minutes each, but gosh darn it they look cute on my babies.

This is Squeak (also known as Mr. Spook, Squeaker, Little Squeak and Boob). He's not impressed I got his hat back on his head for this shot. He's sporting pink fleece with pink fur.

This is Littleone (also known as Mr. One, Little Guy, and Boob as well). He really hated his hat, but thankfully stopped moving long enough for my camera to catch this really nice profile shot. He's sporting pink fleece with purple fur.

So that's it! That's my cat hats! My mom's coming to town on Saturday for Christmas eve, and before she shows up I'll put the hats back on the cats. By that point they'll be fancy collars since they don't seem to stay around the ears. Oh well.

Has anyone ever dressed up their cat (or even your dog)? I'd love to know what outfits you dress your furry little friends in! :)

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