Monday, December 19, 2011

Is that a survey!?

Well it's that time of year. The time to be working like a hard ass on my business plan. I got so busy with Christmas orders, my homework got put aside, and now I asked for an extension to hand it in after the Christmas holiday. In the meantime, I have a survey I'd like all of my readers to answer (if you haven't already received an email with a survey in your inbox).

A little background info for my readers. I am a self-employed entrepreneur, and my only job is making plush monsters. I am trying to start my business (and have been for the past few months). I am all alone in this endeavor (no boyfriend/husband to help support me). Which means that I need to do a lot of work to understand the handmade toy industry, and the customers who buy handmade. That's why I have a survey!

This survey will help me to learn about my customers, who are my target customers, and what their spending habits are. I would really appreciate it if you could take 5 minutes to fill out this survey! All the answers will be confidential and will help me in developing a successful business! Once you push submit, your answers are sent me to me, and the form will be blank again for the next reader. No one will be able to read your answers, so no worries. :) (I know this because I filled it out myself to see what would happen, and once I submitted my answers I refreshed the page, and a blank survey came up).

Thank you for your help and happy surveying! Oh, try to be as honest as you can in your answers! I appreciate it. :-)

One last thing, no answers will be posted on my blog, I assure you! :)


  1. Hey I did your survey. I just wanted to clarify that while I wouldn't spend more just because someone is trying to start a business that I would spend more in order to buy from someone local.
    Your plush toys are cute. I think you will do well :)

  2. Hi Ula. That's a good reason to spend more! :) Thanks for clarifying. I should have included an Other category for your answer. :)

  3. Hey there, I just filled out your survey and i just wanted to say i think it depends on the size of the toy as to the minimum price. If its a tiny plush then i would prob want to spend less than for a larger one.
    I love your monsters lots though. Lots of luck with the business venture and have an amazing christmas!

  4. HI Hannah, Yes, you're right, if it's small I would want to spend less too. :) Thanks for your feedback!