Friday, December 09, 2011

New Additions to the Plush Family

Happy Friday!

I have some new additions to my plush family, let's meet them, shall we?

These guys are squishy, really soft, made of cream coloured fleece, and have medical symbols on their bellies. Their mouth has been sewn shut, which means they're silent monster medics. They come in a family of 3. Adult size, teenager size and kid size. :)

I'm going to test them out at the upcoming craft fair I'm attending tomorrow, incidentally the last one for the holiday season (so if you are in Montreal, and haven't finished your shopping, come and see me!) These cute guys will be for sale in my Etsy shop later on next week if I don't sell them this weekend.

Here's the info again:

105 St. Viateur St West, corner of St-Urbain

The other new additions I have to my happy home are some really cute bears! They're wearing sweaters that are adorned with cutesy buttons from my stash, and removable fleece scarves. Although I think they look so cute in their scarves! Plus, I wouldn't want to be mean and remove them, because then my bears would get cold.

The light coloured bears are made of fine corduroy, and the darker bears are made with a found fabric that's sort of velvety.

Wearing brown tweed, and sporting some fancy buttons and a matching brown scarf.

He went out and got a tattoo behind my back, and on his forehead to boot!! Sporting dark blue fabric (can't remember the name of this pattern), and some cute silver buttons, and a cream coloured scarf.

Sporting a fancy green patterned shirt, yellow/green buttons and an olive coloured fleece scarf.

Velvety brown bear in purple & green plaid shirt, shimmery opaque buttons, and a blue scarf.

Pink shirt bear with purple buttons, and a fancy smokey grey scarf. Very fashionable.

Wearing red plaid shirt, red buttons and a white fleece scarf.

So there you have it! All of these adorable guys and gals will be available at this weekend's fair. I will put those who haven't been adopted up on my Etsy shop next week between Monday and Friday. I can't decide which I like better, the dark brown fabric, or the corduroy?  Both are pretty cuddly, filled with squishy fiberfill, and big enough to hug!

Cheers, and happy weekend!