Monday, February 20, 2012

Guest Post from Pwark!

Most people wrongly believe that I am the creator of PWARK! In fact, one day, when I was about to rearrange my apartment, I heard strange sounds coming from my living room. After a few minutes to look for where the sound was coming, I looked under the couch and I saw this creature who was both charming and attractive that seemed lost. By reaching out to try to reach it, she curled up on itself into a corner and seemed scared. So it was then that I had the bright idea to lure it with food to get her out of hiding. In presenting candy, she approached me. Having tasted one, she came out to ask me more. After getting satisfied, the charming little creature tried to explain her presence, but it was incomprehensible, I heard only grunts. So she took a paper and pencil and started to draw. With the help of his drawings and her gestures, I knew she had a mission with a few others to pick up objects that we humans see as waste, but which are raw materials for this civilization.

I realized that these creatures live in a side-world and they access to our world with the help of garden gnomes. The garden gnomes are agents sent by PWARK! to detect potential homes to contain more raw materials for this distant civilization. These gnomes that are presented in the form of statues are on a mission. Having noticed that my garden gnome, named Arold, seemed to have changed places a few times during the few days before my meeting with a PWARK!, all the things that I found strange now had a  sense. So it was then that I decided to help PWARK! in their quest for materials, which are usually old clothes. My home is wide-open for them and serves as their headquarters. They are wandering left and right to go about their business.

This is a great pleasure for me to contribute to the survival of such charming creatures. You can help too! Simply open your door to one of these charming creatures. Once established in your house, it will bring you many things and who knows, maybe she will share her knowledge with you ...

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