Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Three More Days...

Three more days and my business plan will be submitted to the selection committee, and hopefully  they'll accept my plan as well thought out, and what not, and I'll be able to continue on their financial assistance program, as well as still getting free business courses <fingers crossed>. It's been a tough few months, but I'm hoping that all my hard work will pay off. If by some chance I don't get accepted to continue in the program, I'll have to find a job in order to pay my bills. I know that won't happen.

I also wanted to share some really yummy felt desserts I found on Etsy last night. They're so exquisitely made, and look just like the real thing! They're all made by Huong Huynh, and her shop is called Milkfly.

Waffle Cone Ice Cream Scoop by Milkfly

Lemon Meringue Pie by Milkfly

I've never had one of these (these aren't sold in Canada as far as I'm concerned), but I've seen them in a movie that was filmed in the U.S.

Sno Ball Snack Cake by Milkfly

Just looking at these felt treats makes me hungry. They're so amazing! :)


  1. oh wow WOW so yummy looking haha! awww good luck with the business plan!!!!

  2. Good luck with the business plan!!!!! is not easy to make one... applauses for you! :D

  3. Thanks girls. :) I can't wait for it to be done so I can start producing more awesome monsters.